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It might just be my relative inexperience with HotS, but I've noticed my army compositions in each matchup are becoming more and more similar as I play more games.

Depending on the matchup + what the other player is going, I try to get heavy Void ray / chargelot / HT / tempest in every single game. I add in colossus in PvT and Carriers in PvZ and PvP.

The things that are constant are:

-A small group of tempests is a key part of the maxed army. When I get these is situational, but I always seem to have them before my big push. The important thing about these guys is that they NEVER DIE. They just constantly chip away at things from safety. I honestly hated the unit in theorycraftland but now that I'm using them I can't get enough. Does it replace the carrier? No, and I don't think it ever did. It's a different beast altogether.

-Storm. Storm used to be essential for PvT, but now it's a must-have in all 3 matchups. PvT for anti-bio, PvZ to help shut down corruptors so your air units can dominate, and PvP to shut down the other guy's void ray ball

-I almost never make sentries anymore. I tried to forcefield a ramp earlier today and I realized I haven't made a sentry in almost 3 days! the early game do-or-die ramp forcefields seem to have totally disappeared for me thanks to the mothership core and the photon overcharge. Instead of hiding at the top of my ramp while I build up enough forces to take an expansion, I'm instead completely confident expanding with the MS core and 2-3 units. The earlier the expansion, the better because if the expansion finishes building you can hold off early attacks with the overcharge alone.

-I'm making stalkers again. Part of this is due to the extra gas I get from skipping sentries, but I also feel like stalkers are more useful than they were before. It's also notable that chargelots get brutalized by battle hellions so zealots cant make up 3/4 of your army supply anymore. I think they synergize well with Tempests and the photon overcharge. I hated stalkers in WoL but I've even gotten blink a few times now!

-Diverse air armies. I leaned skytoss pretty heavily in WoL so I knew I was going to go crazy in HotS. What I didn't expect was how important it was to have a mixed composition. In WoL you can build 200/200 carriers and smash everything. In HotS that carrier army will lose to a mixed void ray / carrier / tempest army.

All in all I'm really pleasantly surprised with how things have gone so far. It feels like a whole new game.

Anyone else building radically different armies in HotS?

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