Fungal growth

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I think making this a projectile doesnt fix the fundamental anti-micro issue. What if fungal stopped units cold, but then after a second they could move again, slowly, and then gradually faster as it wore off?

If fungal only hit ground. AND if we had scourge AND cheaper 1 supply hydras he game would be more zergy.

Fungal fills 4 old sc bw roles: ensnare, plague, aa and space control that the old queen, defiler, scourge/hydra and lurker used to fill. Its too versitile and too required.

Pull the plug and make serious adjustments to the other units.
Yes, fungal makes up for an otherwise under-powered Zerg race. And yes, Blizzard has fixed most of it in HOTS. And yes, they don't care about WOL.
honestly i can't remember the last time i used fungal, or infestors for that matter.

imo fungal is fine where it's at. the range helps you deal with the new void rays, and projectile makes muta play a lot more dangerous/viable in the mirror.

i like what they did with infestors in hots. it's a support unit, should you prefer them over vipers. which is good. more options is more fun. fungal is a lot harder to use than it was.

but that's hots...dunno about wol, and i don't think anyone cares anymore. last pro league ends in feb? so i guess everyone is moving on.

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