13BC/10raven/15scv/10mule/4CC Attack-TvP Mast

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Funny clip from a new strategy I've been using in Masters TvP. Basically abusing how toss can't kill a BC-based deathball late game (unless you clump up for an archon toilet).
KETROC!! I played you! and this is hilarious and awesome
I do bcs but with ghosts to prevent storms,feedback and archons .
Also cuts the armies health in half .
Can you post the actual replay?
Hey hey its ketroc! :D
01/30/2013 06:38 PMPosted by Stabilizer
Can you post the actual replay?
Did a successful transition into BCs a little while ago. Boy are they actually good vs Protoss! Surprisingly good!

Glad to see you, Ketroc. :D
I'll check out the game and probably use the build as well.
01/30/2013 07:30 PMPosted by Ketroc
Can you post the actual replay?

That was sick....

Just goes to show.....with backup....the raven can be useful...

OMG those seekers...0.0
Im always using ravens now lol...
Lol I lost to a mass mass raven tvt the other day after the game I message him if he watches your stream he goes that's where I learned this. Thanks for another out of the box strstegy
Those were the best seeker missiles I've seen. I would insta-quit after losing that army too.
01/31/2013 06:19 PMPosted by BrockLanders
Those were the best seeker missiles I've seen. I would insta-quit after losing that army too.

jeez they were ridiculous how many were there?
Just want to say that I've been executing this strategy against Zerg and Protoss lately, and I'm amazed...really amazed at how good it work.

Those double PF-expos are A-MA-ZING at holding out almost any army midgame. When you give them the +1 range and +2 armor and repair with SCV, they are really, really cost-efficient. When you see your opponent throwing his whole army at your expo, losing it all when you lose like 1 PF and 2 turrets, you know you're going to win :)

With the surplus of minerals, you can easily build turrets and sensors to protect against drops, and since all the "weak" points are protected by double-PF, you can hold long enough to make BC. I usually can get my first BC out at around 12 minutes.

I suggest to make 2 bunkers and 8 marines instead of only one. It's easier to hold any early attack (mainly 4-gate). Against Zerg, block the ramp completely at the natural. Lings when inside your base can hurt you a lot, since you only have 8 marines to kill them. Don't be afraid to sacrifice SCV, especially against banelings. You're making tons of CC anyway, so you can make them back pretty easily.

I play against gold/platinum, and since this is completely non-standard, most players don't even know how to react to this.

Probably that there is some counter to this "build", but it really feel like a legit way to transition directly to Skyterran.
Ketroc is the Terran hope!
I remember seeing you do mass PF and Ravens with auto-turret harras vs Zerg and my mind was forever blown!
Crazy seekers. I'm saving that replay
Bravo, that made my day watching that stream
Can you post the build order please. I tried to watch the replay but it would not let me.
Lol. My favorite gamer to watch. Settle down. you are going to get Terran nerfed again :P

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