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I'm kind of tired of using Infestors, so lately I have really been trying to get this old school composition to work....with extremely limited success.

The Mutalisks seem to grant me a quick, temporary map control, but it really seems as though massing any number above roughly 6-8 is just wasted resources that could have been better spent on Infestors.

The Mutalisks themselves get shut down very quickly by adequate numbers of marines and turrets, and once a few Thors come out, forget it.

Do you consider them unviable vs. Terran? At this point I am really starting to lose confidence in the power of this unit, it is just too easy to shut down, and there were several points in my last game where I readily saw that Infestors would have been vastly more useful.
Its my bread and butter build in ZvT and my ZvT has improved a lot since switching. Its a great midgame comp. Its just not an endgame comp, which it sounds like you're finding out quite quickly. Try using a big 3 base ling/bane/muta attack to keep him on 2 bases, or to destroy a 3rd and transition into your 4/5 base late game from there.
ling/bling/muta is harder to play than any infestor comp. That's why the meta switched to it. Infestors also mesh better with broodlords where as mutas not so much.
01/30/2013 04:07 PMPosted by Rathelm
ling/bling/muta is harder to play than any infestor comp. That's why the meta switched to it. Infestors also mesh better with broodlords where as mutas not so much.

Speak for yourself. I lose every time I go infestor in pretty much every matchup. :P
it's a very viable composition, and extremely effective vs the right units.

unfortunately, your'e just making it harder on yourself if you choose to use this composition vs skilled mech players. it just doesn't cut it (at least WoL style).

i mean, why wouldn't you use infestor based play to hold mech at bay in the late game?

i love this comp vs biomech compositions and pure bio play though. never be scared of drops :D

i use it in most of my mid games vs terran - if i see them going mech, i try to just hit that ultra tech sooner though. good thing about muta play is that you can drone up rather safely, so transitioning out of them is never too difficult. knowing when to switch is the hard part though. some players are stubborn and just want to continue the production, even though they have been figured out.
muta/ling/bane is still extremely strong, just micro intensive and you need to be constantly looking for signs that you need to switch out of mutas and into a late game infestor/BL composition. that said, I probably win 70%^ of my games on muta/ling/bane alone without ever having to even consider transitioning due to the massive econ damage I do to the terran player.
it's all about which unit engage which unit. A lot of time, people beleive that in a muta/ling/bane army the muta is your backbone but in fact, I beleive that is your ling.a +3/+3 army of ling in the midgame is very effective. You use your muta to open breach in terran defence and kill some tank.

A lot of time I've try to be enought anoying to make the terran player move is army and finding the best engagement point for my ling to surround. Againt Thor it's just great to have a !@#$ load of ling. It's just funny to see is super expansive army get ripe off by ling.
Sometimes I beat Toss with Muta/Ling. I drop lings somewhere and then use Mutas somewhere else. It can drive them crazy.

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