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I waited patiently for this door to open, these guards... protecting me almost. Showed that one man who was right all along...
IC: i follow quickly after it sending bullets as i do
It sidesteps into a room, narrowly dodging the bullets. It speeds up, using the twists and turns to keep out of sight.

The console accepts the password, and the guard opens the door, giving a 'After you' gesture to her.
I thank him as I go walking in. Then a thought came racing by my head... One that I doubted that the man knew about.

With light you must have darkness, and with darkness you must have light... Everything must be balanced.
I see some commotion below, I jump down, both claymores in hand.

(Someone just take me from here, I havent been on lately so I haven't kept track of whos where)
You find the bodies of three dead thugs with a young man having a staring contest with a Ghost and two others walking down the street, the most prominent being one in a long red jacket with white scrolling on it. It fits the description of one of the "terrorists" from the news cast.
As you enter the room, there is several troops within the room that aim up at you again, but they then lower their weapons and lower their heads.
Welcome to our sanctuary. A room has been set for you. Follow the guard with the three gold stars on her shoulder. A female guard steps forward, with the stars on her shoulder. She gestures for you to follow, while the two guards behind you lock the door and change the password. Everyone goes back to doing what they were doing.
I was amazed at all of this, who were these people? But without asking any questions I followed the female, not even speaking as I was still scared... Scared of the unknown. These guards seem Just.
I catch up with Dante and just walk beside him for a while having lost the nerve to say something. "H-hi." I eventually get out.
I'm....a bit confused. I walked out of the alley, but don't recall staring at your character...
The guard walks along, and turns to Haze, and says "I'm sure you have many questions. When you have settled in, we will be able to answer all of them."
post 166 and 173
"That seems reasonable. Just where exactly are we?" I asked as we trudged along.
I never said anything about you staring or did I? I thought I said look ... using my phone ATM so sorry if my posts are of a bit lower quality. If that was directed at someone else ...
"Our home underground. We keep away from the cameras as much as we can, and this place has several spots where we can escape from the Demons." She replies.
I was relieved to hear about that, so my inner conscious... Er... Whatever that voice was from... Was right. "Sounds like a lovely place as well... Cozy... Away from any true danger."

That man was wrong... And now I'm safe because he was wrong.
Huh, it's fine, I'll roll.

IC: I glance at the kid and shrug. "Hey."
The guard stops in front of a door. She opens it, and gestures inside.
"Welcome home....."
......Haze Kinra.
I hit the ground. My armor absorbing the shock of the fall, and my hair falls down.

"So, I take it one of you ain't human."
"Depends, Angelos. How human are you looking for?"

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