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I shift from one foot to the other, a little put off by the lack of a response;
"So... yeah, thanks for the help back there..."
I say, feeling like a total idiot for repeating myself.
"Human, to where you would die instantly if I stabbed you in the gut." I say, drawing my larger claymore.
I turn and face the newcomer, falling to keep the scowl off my face;
"What do you want Angelos?"
I rest a hand on Takeo's hilt. "Look, I'm not in the mood after slaying Stygians and Hell Knights. If you have issues, come find me some other day."
"I felt an odd presence when I walked by here. Just wanted to make sure no one is. The Odd-One-Out..."
I grunt and relax;
"I'm not good enough to pick up the presence of demons, so I'm afraid I cant help you there."
I look to the other one, and grunt. "Well too bad. Because today is you're lucky day." I draw my pistol "Wrath".
Takeo's point is at the armored forms throat. "Don't think Takeo can't go through your armor, because you'd be dead wrong."
I laugh and pull up the sleeves of my jacket, revealing my chain bracers, the links alternating angelic mithril and balefire iron;
"That's not the best idea, I'll tell you that right now."
I look at them both.

I won't be able to win against both of these guys. Fall back? Fight... Fall back...

"I suppose it is not." I sheathe my blade and gun.
"Smart man. Now kindly step out of the way before one of the C6TV cameras see's me."
OOC: Did you purposely call my char a man or did you forget my char was female?
I grunt and pull my sleeves back down covering my bracers;
"I never could understand what you Angelos have against us.."
I say shaking my head.
My person is a bit unconcerned with things like that at the moment.

IC: "Nor could I."
The voice reappeared... It knew my name... It must just be my imagination. So I pressed forward into my new... "Home..."
I had started walking off. I stop, I say, slowly turning my head. "Man...?"
As I realize that I've been staring at the spot where the combatants had been, for quite awhile I simply stared, deactivating my psionics I move away and head towards the Dominion base, "I feel like I have a hang over" I grunt and move on.

OOC: I may not post for awhile, if I even so much as blink away from papers I might as well be writing off my life XD.
IC: i was back in the mortal plane. i was pissed to say the least. Beowulf materializes in human form beside me. "she's this way. i can smell her" she tells me. i follow without hesitation until we reach a dead end. "great...." i growl "its underground dumb@ss" she says. i look around finding what i wanted, a C6TV camera. i grab it until it stares right at me. suddenly i was in limbo and the camera had a giant eye instead of a lens and had tentacles holding it to the wall. i let go summon Beowulf. i proceeded to a nearby sewer grate and kicked it in, just to dispel my rage a bit. before jumping into the sewers.
D, how about you let them do their thing? You're trying a bit hard to butt in.

IC: "Woman, whatever. I'm not too concerned with gender right now. I've got places to be." I walk away, ducking down an alleyway and heading for my RV. My mother and father had stressed blending in, and it had worked until I'd accidently been dragged into Limbo while scouting the city. Now it was damn near impossible.
OOC: well Jester started it and when my char gets pissed he doesn't give up easily.

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