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Jester was just trying to involve himself. Not to mention that CR's person is probably out of the city by now. We don't know how far those tunnels went.
they're in the sewers so it shouldn't be that far. if they got a base underground they can't leave the city anyways cause the rift where they can enter is only in New Haven
Even in Limbo, you're not going to just cut your way in.
OOC: k you have a point there XD. i'll edit it up a bit but still gonna hunt jester down
Unless my person clotheslines you. Hehehehehehehehehehehehe. I know it can't happen...wait, I got it.

IC: Before the guy can get into the grate, he finds himself clothes lined and on the ground, and I was still on the mortal plane. "You stupid or something?"
dude..... no just no
They have a plan they can't have you interfering with. I already ok'd it, so....you stuck with me.
no cause then i'd kill you for interfering me for interfering their plans
You'd try and kill me. Nephilim can't easily beat each other.
OOC: whatever i'll roll

IC: he cut up my jacket. "hey! what the hell was that for! besides why would you care what i do hermano!"
"The sewers are begging the demons to use Malice against you. Seal off the two directions and then bring the walls together and you'll never get away."
"well someone that i know got her @ss dragged down there" i reply
"You'll have to be smart about it then. You're Nephilim, and the demons want us dead. You go down there, there's one less to worry about."
I move to follow my fellow Nephilim;
"I never did catch your name, I'm Tycho."

I'm sorry to say this Zarkun, but I afraid you've just picked one horribly lonely and abused puppy (aka. Tycho) If you were planning on ditching him, it's not going to be easy.

"Dante." I continue looking at the Nephilim in Limbo.
"well. to make matters worse it seems she has something the demons want. so unless we do something i have a feeling things are gonna get a lot worse then they already are" i say
I nod and look over the Nephilim Dante had stopped from entering the sewers;
"He's got a point, you know, that place is a death trap."
I say, gesturing down the manhole.
"well we need a plan then. this doesn't concern just me or you, i think this concerns the entire city" i explain
"You know that you can't go down there for more than one reason. Even if you don't die, you have no idea where you're going."
"i got my GPS right here" i say as Beowulf switches into human form.

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