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My eyes widen briefly in surprise, before I politely nod hello.
IC: i see Beowulf give a wink at the other Nephilim. "don't start trying your succubus mojo on these people." i say with annoyance, "but why? he seems to be enjoying it" she replies.
"In Limbo, senses like that are at the control of the Demons. Especially where they have the upper hand like the sewers. Before we do anything, we're gonna need more than our neutral weaponry." I beckon for them to follow me and head down another alley, coming out in a hidden clearing where my RV was. "This will allow me to pin point demons strong enough to give us our demon and angel weapons."
I chuckle;
"I've had enough lookers try and pull one over me throughout the years to know real trouble when it arises."
(Follows Dante)
I frown;
"So angelic mithril and balefire iron won't cut it?"
"Nope. That's just simple metal. There's a difference between a Demon Arm, like Takeo or Laura and Michelle, and your chains. The difference being true power." Reaching the RV, I open the door and step in. While outside it appears to be normal, inside is some of the most advanced Demon tracking gear ever. "I built it all myself."
"so you want us to push ourselves to the limit so that we have to unlock this power? Not gonna work son. The leader of this bunch is only effected by Angel oriented weapons. To get those simply hacking and slashing your way isn't gonna cut it"
"I haven't even located any of them yet. We need angel first? Give me five minutes." I walk over to a console and start typing in a series of commands. Soon a map appears of the city with three dots on it. "One for each of us. One is mister Bob Bargas. The other is Drekevac, and the last one is Grimjow. I'll take Grimjow. I owe him an @ss whooping."
"barbas is mine. 'just doing God's work'"
"Demon King. Only a fool says otherwise."
"so where is Bobby boy hanging out?"
"The news tower, where else. Just remember you have to enter from Limbo. And it's upside down. Also his personal prison."
"welp i'm out!" i say before bolting for the news tower

OOC: Zark you wanna cross DM our bosses?
We'll see. I still need to set War up and I'll be gone for a bit.
ERM .... did Myrivene get ignored through all of the last 3-4 pages? I know I didn't post but she would have followed Dante even if she didn't say anything ... sigh ... if you wish I'll just ... do something
I watched the guards, I watched the female... I was watching everyone. Just where were we going was the question? With a backing of faith. I tried to look into both past and future... But the visions were all cloudy.
The room you entered was mostly lit. The center of the room was the only thing without light, however, there was a bed and some drawers along the sides, along with a mirror on one wall. The room had no smell at all, and everything looked like it moved recently, with little dust on the drawers, or anything in the room.
Something makes you curious to investigate the center of the room.
Hwell shat, I think I'll just drop out of this one. This has too many people and goes too fast.
There was something about the center that drew me as odd... No light, nothing was there it seemed to be. Maybe if I draw close to it. I was drawn to the room, walking slowly towards it with full curiosity.
Sorry to hear that Koro, nothing of much importance (concerning you at least) has happened.

You know what they say about cats and curiosity...
BTW: My char in TTSR has made a small campfire. Not sure if you forgot.

I tilt my head, somewhat confused;
"Just what are you expecting me to do?"
As soon as Haze steps into the center of the lightless area, something on the ground glares a red glow. The pattern spreads out from the center and covers the whole room, intricate symbols with no meaning to her. But to the Guard, who was smiling underneath the helmet, it was the beginnings of something that would bring the plan into motion.
The guard steps out of the room, and a soft thup is heard inside the room as Haze falls unconscious, the rituals of binding beginning.

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