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IC: "i didn't want to do this" i growl. Using my extreme effects of gravity i destroy the walls until only the bear metal supports remain. i then zoom faster reaching the room. my DT wears off, i was panting, sweat beading down my face. i check all the doors. strangely one leads to a brick wall. reaching out to it its..... transparent. i stumble through finding myself in a lodge and in the real world. Haze was in front of me surrounded by guards, or Hell Knights to be more precise.
i chuckle "i finally find you but of course i'm too weak to do anything...... how perfect"
Haze and the Guards are in the real world, not in Limbo.

The Star Guard looks over her shoulder, sensing that someone had entered the room. She smiles to herself, and nods to the guards.
"Let us be moving. We need to get to the Tower. Transport has already been arranged, and is waiting outside." The guards advance with Haze. One of them opens the door, revealing an APC idling outside with two other cars. The group splits up with Haze, the Star Guard and 6 of the guards going into the APC. The other six split up into the front and back cars.
IC: "since everything that happens in Limbo does in the real world....." i thought before taking a vase and smashing it over a guard's head.
The guard stumbles slightly, and rubs his head. The helmet took most of the blow, and the guard shrugs, climbing into the car. Without warning, three Hell Knights begin to attack Ventus as the cars and the APC drive off.
IC: i tackle one of the Hell Knights and reach my gun over his shield, nailing its face with shots. As it falls i stab another one in the abdomen and kick him in the face. As it sprawled on the ground i stomped its skull in. the last one i dodged its swipe and cut off both its legs, holding it up in the air i roar at him "Where did you take her!"
It doesn't reply, slashing out at you again.
i take both of its arms and place my foot on its chest and kick out, its arms flying off. "i'll ask you again WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER!!!!"
The demon dies right then and there. Another demon outside had killed it, and it runs off, climbing up the building and using the roof-tops to get a distance away from Ventus.
"F*ck" i say before dialing up Dante "yo dante can you track me i'm in the middle of nowhere. got ambushed by a couple of dirtbags"
The phone/radio echos what you said before it blares in static. Someone was jamming communications signals in your area.
"well screw it" i say as i walk back into the lodge and through the brick wall.
The brick wall no longer lets you through. A chilly laughter is heard as the demons in the realm become amused.
"so you want me to chase after the vans.... fair enough" i say before sprinting after the car tracks
A piece of the road rises up and smacks into Ventus. Two Hell Knights appear and begin attacking him, and the tire tracks disappear from Limbo.
For the sake of the RP, War, go to a tall tower on the north side of town. D, I've got a way to beat this.

IC: Three glaives crash into the side of each Van and the piece of road is shattered. "Demon filth. When I catch up to you, you're mine."
By large tower, I'm assuming you mean the news tower that Ventus was headed for. And since everyone seems to be ignoring TLM, I'll drag his char along for the ride.

Oh, and Darka, POST A LINK TO THE CHARACTER SHEET THREAD ON THE OP, please, so we don't loose track of it.
I look over the map;
"The tower eh?... well, nothing to it."
I turn to Myrivene;
"Looks like we've got a job to do, I'm Tycho."
I say offering her a handshake.
IC: up ahead i see the vans, and Dante "crafty bastard" i say grinning before taking out the Hell knights. catching up to Dante i stand beside him "good thing you came, they played me like a fiddle"

OOC: can do war
Thanks. And sorry about the double post.
The vehicle convoy halts, but they were not the same as the one that had left earlier. The doors open and a large group of Hell Knights leave the vehicles and go after the attacker.

OCC: Not amused. And I'll be back on in a couple of hours, I have to go over to a friends house.

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