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I run after the girl, easily keeping pace;
"Guards?! What are you talking about!?!"
I half-yell.
This guy was in cahoots with that other man, I couldn't trust either of them now... I had to press on down the street, not even looking back as he might take me by surprise, or trick me.
"Those where demons back there!!"
I yell, keeping pace.
The voices were right! I couldn't trust no one anymore... Except for the ones that saved me from the creatures... They just want my trust so they can break it and tear it to pieces as they turn me over!
'You're lying!" As my pace quickened.
"I'm not lying! I swear!"
I say, my pace also quickening.
That was when I had managed to do it... I twist my ankle and I tripped onto the concrete below my feet, falling to it as my arms and legs were scraped against the pavement.
I skid to a stop and kneel down to help her up;
"Are you alright?"
I ask.
My hands were on his body as I tried to push him away, to no avail. "Just stay away from me, I know what you are! What all of you are!" My eyes were like fire under a cold midnight day.
I help her to her feet and step back;
"Fine, have it your way. If you want to head to your doom, be my guest. IF you're so sure what I am, then tell me, I'd like to know."
"It's not my doom... It's my fate to choose my own destiny. Nothing will come to harm me. Nor shall I believe that man that called out your name, I'm presuming... to think that I'm the demons tool in order to complete their weapon!" I tried to pick myself up but I easily crumpled back down, pain searing through my ankle. "You are a demon..."
I shake my head and kneel down next to her;
"I'm a demon? Then what kind of demon am I to use a weapon like this?"
I ask, lowering a length of chain, the links alternating angelic mithril and balefire iron;
I tap one of the iron links ruefully;
"I'm certainly no saint, but that doesn't mean I'm here to steal your soul."
I had no idea why he had me check out his weapon... I didn't know what it was made of, nor would I have heard of the materials used. If all else fails... I would think of him as a lier, for I don't know. "You want me to look at a weapon that I don't even know about? Nor do I know what it's made out of? And if you tell me what it's made out of... How do I believe you?"
"The links are made out of angelic mithril and balefire iron... I'd rather no talk about how I got them, it's a painful story... As for what I am, we're called Nephilim, half angel, half demon..."
I say quietly, not used to talking about who I was.

BTW CR, would you post your char sheet on the thread I made for them? Thanks.
Like I said, doesn't mean she'll believe you on the material being used... As she has never heard of them.

IC: "I still have not heard of them... And I heard about a Nephilim, but as it goes... You are still part demon. I will not trust you any longer and you might as well go back to the person that told you to chase me. Telling him that he can't save me, nor can he take me to the demons."
The materials are highly unique and don't look like anything else.

I sigh;
"It's true I'm part demonic, but all that means is that I've got a dark side to wrestle with, just like anyone else... Look, you're not going to get far on that leg, so why don't I help you back to a friends place? It's not far and I'm sure he's got some stuff that you can clean your wounds with..."
I keep getting ignored in this ... I might just drop this.
I shake my head at that offer... The reason being is... I can't trust any of them yet. "I should be fine... My future said so."

OOC: Morph... Try once more and if no one responds... I'll yell at zarkun and Darkra for you. Because I know that I can't just show up into your plot.
Sorry to hear that, man. :/
That makes two, including Koro...

I sigh and stop;
"Wait... you said 'your future' told you?..."
I say both curious and concerned.
I noticed his hesitation.
"Yes... My future told me just as I can see into the past as well... I'm a... Seer, that's why the man was 'worried' for my safety. But it's all a ruse! To gain my trust before breaking and sending me to hell itself."
I whistle;
"I can see why he would be... (shakes head) And you say it's a ruse? How do you know?..."
I ask, concerned.

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