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"Don't be concerned, and it was a ruse because the voices told me so."
i run around the corner. "oohh f*ck me. Tycho there's no point she's under the demon's influence we're gonna need an angelic weapon to clean if off, and no angelic material ain't gonna cut it. at least with that injury she can't go anywhere. i look back seeing the demons catching up. we gotta move man!"
I glare at Ventus;
"Nice timing. See if you can distract them."
I look back at the girl;
"Voices? Is that normal?"
I ask, definitely concerned.
i shoot a couple of shots "its a demon, i've tried to hunt it down but its crafty, eluded me twice. its speaking in her head"
I once again glare at Ventus;
"Did I ask you? No."

"If you can see the future, where do you go next?"
I gave a nod at the first question the new man had asked me. "Yes, they can be normal at times... It's not the first time."
Then came the second question. "That question... I can't really answer, you see... Time changes at every step, and at times... It can be to fuzzy for me to read. And I can't use it for long before I use up all of my energy and strength."
"if you don't get it let me spell it out for you. EVERYTHING SHE SAYS IS UNDER DEMONIC INFLUENCE. Lets get going the portal isn't far from here"
I roll my eyes;
"I kinda figured that."

"Look, despite my friend's bluntness he's got a point, we need to get out of here."
I say, helping her to her feet.
"then quit wasting breath" i growl before leaping through the portal
I gave a dark glare at Ventus for interrupting our 'private' conversation.
"You said demonic influence... That means you are influencing me if you are part demon... Is that not true? (Returning to full attention towards the other man) You don't have to help me... And I'm not going anywhere, and while I am here, the 'demons' wont harm me... I'm important to every side... According to everyone..."
"Look, Ventus isn't just going to let you walk away and you need medical attention anyway. If it makes you feel any better, I can give you my oath of protection."
I say with complete seriousness, leading her towards the portal.
"I-I... I guess that is acceptable at least... But let me tell you this, for you might be able to relate in it... Or tell me what you think. Do you believe that there could be pure demons as there are evil angels?"
I do believe that...
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Morph... Try once more and if no one responds... I'll yell at zarkun and Darkra for you. Because I know that I can't just show up into your plot.

Doing that now and no you can't as I currently have NO plot for you to show up in ... was trying to get something going with zarkun but he just ignored me.

Sorry to hear that, man. :/
That makes two, including Koro...

I might not leave but at the same time I might ...

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ERM .... did Myrivene get ignored through all of the last 3-4 pages? I know I didn't post but she would have followed Dante even if she didn't say anything ... sigh ... if you wish I'll just ... do something

Sadly by now I have to do something else ... sigh ...

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I'm gona end up with a complex ...

From being ignored in RPs by you lot. I go to bed, 3 pages go by and I'm completely ignored in this.
Oy vey. I feel really bad...

I nod;
"I do believe in them..."
I look her in the eyes;
"I so swear to protect you to the best of my abilities... Do you accept?"
I say.
well first of all you need to participate more, if you don't have the time what can i say you gotta be with people who have the same schedule as you. Me, Zark, CR, and War all have a good amount of free time and at the same periods to excel the story forward

IC: "what do you know i try and save a person and i get treated like dirt" i growl. suddenly a spear of pain goes through me and i'm on the ground "used my devil trigger twice today..." i grumble. on the wall beside the portal i scrabble a note " take good care of her" it reads and then i walk off.
Jesus Darka... you could have been a little nicer there...
I swallowed as I was faced with a choice... What do I say?
"I might as well... I'll either try to fight and escape while you win... You just incapacitate me and carry me through... Or I just accept so I don't go through any unneeded trouble. Either way, I'll lose."

OOC: Well... He was asking but a simple question... I believe you didn't have to answer him in such a rude manner, and disrespectful one if that.
I chuckle and grin wryly;
"You got me there, however my offer still stands... (sounds of approaching demons) ...but we need to get out of here. Sorry, that's final."
I say, sending us through the portal, closing it behind us.
Once we were through, I had noticed that it was different... Where were we at?
"Just promise me this... If I'm faced with a decision that could change my life for better or worse... Or in order to save myself as well as others... Will you allow me to do such a thing?"
I nod;
"To the best of my ability, yes."

Um, yeah, where did the portal go?...
Dante's RV?

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