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kk uuuuhhh hmmm. how bout this?

"Hello citizens of New Haven. its your favorite anchorman Bob Barbas here with breaking news. if you see any of these figures (shows pictures of Nephilims) they are armed terrorists against the dominion. Stay calm and contact local law authorities, do not try and engage them on your own. they are know to be violent and dangerous. they were last seen at the Suburb district near the border of the city. there are also reports of armed battlesuits roaming the streets, this is the work of a local terrorist group roaming the sector, here are a few pictures (shows Angelos chars). we last heard reports they are roaming the Marketplace. Luckily there is some good news as dominion operatives have landed at a nearby army bas. we also caution you to stay indoors these couple days as things outside may get rough. Bob Barabas here with action 6 news. just doing God's work"

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OCC: How bout something about each respective faction? I.E The dominion landing at a base, ect. And I wanted to turn the military against them.
Great minds think alike XD.
I growl and stifle a curse as the message ends on one of the large tele-boards;
...great, one more thing to deal with... at least my chains aren't readily apparent...
I think, once again thanking my heavy leather jacket.

To make things simpler for the time being, I'm going to throw up a thread for our char sheets.
Listening to the news cast, I growl. "Yeah, your Demon King god. F*ck you." I walk down the sidewalk from the store front, drinking a bottle of rum. Things would indeed get messy, but not for us.
Xenros looks at the screen and sneers. "I dare the public to report me. I will kill any human." He walks through the shadow alleys after the message ends.

Zolric laughs as he sees the message. "So naive. If we stopped fighting the demons would destroy this city within a week."
the reporting clicked shut. i sat for a couple seconds on my couch until she walked in.
"yo Ventus what's shaking?" she asks "god dammit Beowulf can you stay in weapon form for 5 go damn seconds" i growl. "hey other people would feel lucky having a demon arm that has a personality" she replies, totally unfazed "well since you're here lets take a walk" i say
I sat and contemplated in my hideout, deep within the forests of "Utopia". I plotted my next move, wondering which town to strike at. One of the pesky creatures under my employment came up to another, and started fighting. I watched with delight as it tore the other one to shreds, and also as the ape-like-things started eating the body. They hadn't lost their aggressiveness, that was for sure.
As my shuttle touches the landing pad I lurch a bit and cuss, "God !@#% shuttles, I hate space and everything associated with it." I mutter as I walk out into the town below.
OOC: normal text = Myr bolded text = Oleraea

IC: I glare at the reporting before I continue on my way home. This will only make it harder to beat up demons with out mortals getting hurt but oh well I guess. I look around enjoying the scenery of the walk to my house.

"This only makes our job harder." I say taking care of my sword while the news turned to something else and I waited for orders.
Continuing to wander the streets, I groan as I pick up a group of followers, 3 to be precise.
...damn street thugs... when are they going to get it that they're out classed?...
I think with an inward sigh, searching for an alleyway to get rid of them in...

We need character interaction or this is going to fall flat on it's face.
I'm waiting for more to happen first.
I stand out in the streets, watching the announcement with a straight face. I turn and see someone walking along, his face matching the images. Of course, I knew what they were and why they were here, and I had a part to play. I lean on the wall nearby, and merely watch what this one did with the thugs.
As I stroll around the various "hotspots" of town I see a man trailed by three other men, "Do I really want to get involved now that I just got here. Obviously there going to try mugging him or he hired some pretty nasty looking body guards." I think and wait for a few minutes, following them on the other side of the street.
Who's your character Image?

I pick up the pace eager to get rid of these goons;
...poor sods... here's a place...
I think turning a corner heading down a dead end alley.
Continuing down the street, I finish the bottle and toss it in the garbage, Takeo in my hand as I walked. Never knew when one of the bastards would drag you into Limbo, and I wasn't gonna be caught off guard today. I bump a Dominion Ghost as I walk and turn around, flipping him off. "Go to hell." I resume walking, ignoring the three thugs. This was normal for that particular Nephilim. Bit fun to watch, but I wasn't in the mood right now.
Walking down the street, rock music playing in my suit, I calmly stroll, not paying too much attention to the world around me. I shoot up a van full of dominion soldiers, whistling along to the tunes.

OOC: Italics & Bold will be the Angelos.
OOC: I don't think I said but she's in civilian clothes atm sorry and it's Raila Krieger, Dominion character.

IC: I hear a raucus and look at a man walking past me, even though I didn't hear him I'm sure it was a cuss towards the Dominion or me, "If this is paradise in the Dominion I sure don't know what hell is then." I say to myself and continue to watch the man tailed by the three others.
Image, I'm not drunk, and if you're in armor, then obviously it was you who I was talking to.
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I shoot up a van full of dominion soldiers

Lol, what?
kinda unrealistic, that'll attract a lot of unwanted attention.

About halfway down the alley I turn around and face my pursuers;
"Alright, what do you idiots want?"
I ask bluntly taking them somewhat by surprise.

Stick your char sheet up on the thread I made for HB char sheets please.
I arrive at home, go to the kitchen and put away the backpack full of groceries I had bought while out. My parents were not home so I decided to go see if 'the boy' was home or not. After a brisk walk I arrive at my usual spot but find that he isn't home. I sigh and begin walking back to town to see if there was anything interesting happening.

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