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02/02/2013 05:09 PMPosted by Zarkun
I can't DM if I have no idea what's going on...
Sorry... Look back at my post.
everyone went through the portal out of limbo where i went to kill Bob barbas and CR and War just came out, arriving in the shopping district
Even though we don't know what his Portal does...
I'm actually on right now... For how long, I have no idea.
02/02/2013 04:54 PMPosted by darkra
hey i didn't mean to be so blunt but @sshole is a bit overstated son if i was an @ss i wouldn't even bother to tell you anything.

Sorry your right I was mad when I wrote that ... now how the hell to get back in this ...
Right...I skipped my fight with Grimjow for the sake of the RP...oh well.

IC: I appear next to the girl, flipping the portal off as a hand comes through. "Oh no you don't!" Takeo takes it off a the wrist. I then turn around and notice her. "Oh, hi there."
you could still be in the van, call Zark on your cell and he'll hook ya up
I'm with Haze as well...

I nod to Dante;
"She too a bit of a fall, you got any medical supplies back at your RV?"
I ask.
"No....I'm a nephilim. Why would I? I do know some one who can help her though." I lean in close and lower my voice to a whisper. "This who Ventus is trying to help?"
I didn't say "hi" back. I just wanted peace... Some quiet... Maybe a dash of sanity in there that was all shook up in a bag of miracles... and lives.
Tycho's keeping her upright as she twisted her ankle, but ok.

"Yep, she seems to be doing ok, all things considering."
I note the girl's silence and shrug. "Not too talkative are you?" I nod to Tycho. "I can sense the Demon's taint. It's still her choice what she does, regardless of influence."
Then I gave a stern, cold smile. "Only when I want to."
"Your attempt at stern is a bit of a fail. I kill Demons to survive. You've not got much on them."
"She's been through a lot, not surprising, given how persistent Ventus can be."
I say protectively.

Alright, I'm off.
Attempting to raise a joke, I said, "Really now? Why don't you kill the half that is yourself then?"
Relax. We know where you are, we have an agent in the Shopping District who has eyes on you. I'll see what I can organize, but do not expect it for a bit. A soft female voice spoke to Haze, unheard by the others. It was a contrast from the other person who spoke to her, a rough male voice.
"Real witty, like I haven't heard that before. Look, I'm not here to force you into anything. I know Ventus might be, but ultimately, if you do what the Demon suggests or not is up to you. However, if you do, you'll regret it." I pull out a cell phone and dial a number, walking a little ways off once it's picked up.
"If only they knew the full brunt of it all..."
The voice came back... This time however, it was sweet and soft, feminine and caring.
darkra the entire extent of Myrivene's conversation with dante was a single 'hi' the response to which was being ignored ... and she doesn't even know his name ...

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