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I said hey back. Say you followed me the whole time.
The less they know, the easier it will be. Follow them for now, but remember that they seek to use you. We will try our hardest to prevent that from happening. The voice replies back.
As if on que, I placed my head against the mans shoulder... I was showing that I was tired. I had been running for most of this crazy packed day.
Takeo shivers slightly and I grimace. The Demon was speaking. I end the call and whisper "Treno gotho" silently, cutting her mind off from the Demon for a short time. "So what's your occupation?"
The connection closing was like pain in the system, but I didn't show it... "None." I said, weary eyed.
hmm ... I thought that was at Warhawks char ... meh it was hard to tell. sense you are not making. sorry that was a bad Yoda attempt ... couldn't resist though. Seriously thought that second sentence makes no sense to me ... nor does half of what the hell has been going on.
"You can enter Limbo. At the very least, you're a psychic."
IC: i was on a roof, sitting at the edge, a few blocks down was the news tower. i dial Dante on my cell "yo Dante, i'm at the news tower and it is a death trap. C6TV cameras are everywhere and i think i can see a few witches circling the building" i say trying to hide the exhaustion in my voice.

OOC: your name is Dante but you act more like Virgil XD
Eh, I tend to mix it up.

IC: "Find a bridge over the water. I should have a pre-made portal there. Use it."
"I'm not like a psychic.. Not in any way shape or form in my opinion. And from what I have heard, you can enter it by just having a demon drag you in... Isn't that true?" I ask... Growing weaker as I grew tired.
as in please clarify what you meant.
EDIT: out of this entire thread I have had all of about 4 maybe 5 IC posts ...
"Well, they also have to have reason to drag us in. I've seen my share that just leave me alone. Most live here on the Mortal plain to live peacefully compared to in Limbo."

OOC: Just say you were with my person the whole time.
IC: "ok. Is Haze in your possession?" i ask
I sigh... See, Demons can be pure and innocent. "I just don't like that Ventus guy at all... He's paranoid about everything, he treats them all like a threat waiting to blow up in everyone's face."
"She's not a possesion, but yes, I'm getting her medical attention." I look at her, covering the mic. "Some Nephilim have been hunted since they were young. From what my parents could tell me, he's one of them. So, understandably, he doesn't trust them. But, I need to ask you something. Do you hear voices?"
"Yes, on and off I have been hearing them... But lately they've been kind to me, making me feel safe... Keeping me company, like family. And they warn me when something bad is going to happen. It's somewhat connected with my vision." I said... Just wanting to go ho-... To a new home. Off from the world and all alone.
"How often are they kind? Think back on past visions."
"listen to me Dante. If Haze is with you than the demon is too, don't let your guard down, this demon is crafty" i instruct him
"I cut the connection for now. She'll be fine except for her ankle."
I gave a simple shrug, it was all I could do while I was tired. "I can't really say for sure. It's different each day, but they are like us... Humans... They have emotions to and they can have a bad day as well. Some of them are just lonely and want company."

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