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"Still, it doesn't seem odd?"
I shook my head. "No, for me it's normal. Almost my entire life."
"I meant the kindness. I'll admit I'm no expert on visions, but I am a demon expert."
"if i was him then he already has forces waiting. i suggest you guys move to a safer location"
"The kindness... No, nothing seems odd about it. In my opinion... There are evil angels, capable of the same hatred and killing as Demons are known for. But I also believe that there are Demons that have a kind heart." My eye lids were starting to close as I gained very sleepy.
"She, Ventus. She's played you and fooled you." I nod. "You're tired. Tycho will carry you, you rest."
I stand off to the side watching mostly invisible to others as usual. I decide to sit down and zone out trying to imagine what life would have been like with out this demon infestation or what it would be like once it was dealt with.
"i know that. but keep her safe anyways, if she is the key to all of this than i'm not doing it for her.... i'm doing it for mom and dad" i say
"Right...look, I gotta go, my contact won't meet us if I'm on the phone." With that, I hang up. Paranoid and egocentric. Definitely.
As I went into my dreamstate, my entire body went limp into the arms of Tycho.
I was wandering through my dreams, that was one dream came back... Dark sulfur coating the skies and streets. Lava rising up from the ashes of the dead, I was swimming in the blood of the fallen. Choking on it as several hands came from the sides and pulled me under.
as he hung up leapt off the building, overconfident and egocentric. Definitely

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hehehe new computer FTW!

IC: I stand up and shake my head clearing away the thoughts of what could be or what could have been. I walk over to the small group. "Hi again."
I look at the kid, recognizing her from earlier. "Hey again."
Myrivene is FEMALE ... for the love of tartarus ...
EDIT: I think Myr is actually the only female Nephilim ... that is strange ....

IC: "Mind if I join you?"
You aren't very good at playing the female, even with Kit. Sorry mi amigo.

IC: "Not at all. Need you to stay out of sight here soon though. My contact is only expecting three people."
meh perhaps not ... might try to get some practice on cortex with my new laptop. and my characters have a tendency to be more 'loner' or militaristic not sure why

IC: "OK I tend to disappear pretty easily so shouldn't be to hard." I look away for a moment. It was nice to get to talk with him even though I still didn't know his name.
OOC: CR is doing a good job with female so take a few tips

IC: i went through the portal already set out for me and end up in a large lobby, full of Stygians.... f*ck
I nod and we keep walking. The contact had said to meet him at the secret park. Something about New Haven that not many people knew, including the demons, is that there were secret alcoves, clearings, and such that were added to assist with survival. Of who, I didn't know, but I knew that they were wonderful to take shelter in. There were even tunnels that connected them so that you could drive between them. However, getting there meant taking cover in alleyways to avoid the C6TV cameras, and taking the main road was faster. Still, it was quiet. I hadn't even seen whispers of spotters.
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OOC: CR is doing a good job with female so take a few tips
And a few other things. :P

IC: That's when I saw a black sun, a sun with lines of purple, orange, even green going through it. But it was no sun, it was an eye... Looki9ng right at me. I then felt pain in both of my eyes...

In the real world...

Blood was trickling down both my eyes.
That...will have to wait on War...

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