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I feel a faint wetness on my shoulder;
...Is.. she crying?...
I wonder, looking at her, only to see the blood;
"Oh sh!t. Dante, we've got a problem here!"
I say, slightly panicked as I lay her down on the ground.
I look back and curse. "F*ck....Keep moving. Follow this alleyway to the end and then take nothing but left turns to reach the meeting place." I focus and feel around. Not finding any demons immediately there yet, I shake my head. "I'll lead, but we need to double time."
I grunt and nod, putting her into a fireman's carry;
"Go. I'm right behind you."
The sun shines in the distance, and reflects off of windows and some panels on the rooftops of some buildings. Without warning, several rounds ring out, high-caliber and deadly. Some bullets fall short, some go too far overhead, but four of them land right at Dante's feet.
The blood was becoming thicker as more trickled down. It was sticky and wet, glistening in the sun in a rich crimson color. That's when it hit me full on, in my dream I lost it... I lost my vision. But in it's place was something worse... I saw ever-ending scenes of my death... I appeared much much older in them... But it kept on repeating over and over again.
A glaive traces the trajectory in response, and I start sprinting. "Argoth." Now there was a visual illusion that kept us from being seen. Once we reached the park, our presences would vanish. Until then, we had to move.

OOC: Dante has dabbled a bit in the arcane.
As I keep right behind Dante, a... feeling.. settling into my gut;
...somethings wrong... we need to be there now...
I think with a growl, picking up the pace.
Yes, but you underestimate who you deal with.

A whisper heard, and the snipers begin to fire at the group again, taking caution to avoid hitting Haze. The attempt to make them unseen as made by Dante was dispelled by someone powerful, who was keeping pace with the group in Limbo.
I swing out with my Glaive, which appears in Limbo long enough to slice their leg. "Huh, that's cool." I reinitiate the illusion and then throw more glaives at the snipers, taking out the barrels of their guns. "Almost there."

OOC: FYI, there's no Limbo in these secret places. The reason why will be revealed later.
I nod, resisting the urge to turn and fight;
"Let's get out of here!"
I slide to a stop and point to a tunnel just tall enough for someone who stands around six foot eleven. "There. Hurry."
I sprint the last few feet and disappear through the tunnel entrance...
The voice begins again, dispelling the illusion. The snipers open fire with another sniper rifle.

Yeah, but the Snipers won't be so friendly. Damn Ninjas.
Sounds of howling and the sounds of angelic and demonic barking in the distance... Hounds in my dreams were hunting me down. Nothing had become so real in my entire life. And it was the big league players chasing me... Played on a chess board with me as the delicate prize in the center.
Throwing another glaive, I leap into the tunnel which quickly vanishes from sight as I leap in, the glaive detonating in front of the sniper and blowing him off the roof.

OOC: Ninjas is right. We're all waiting on your radio message in Story, Jester.
I skid to a halt and quickly check the girl for wounds; none.
"Everybody ok?.."
I ask.

whoops, edited.
now if only I hadn't missed that awesomeness ... oh well. I get the feeling I'll end up doing that a lot ... which sucks.

IC: I look around the tunnel. "Interesting never knew about any tunnels below the city except the sewers."
Zarkun, what are these tunnels like?

I look around;
"Neither did I..."
War, you'll need to edit.

Edit-Check Jester's post. There was no explosion.

The tunnels are fairly simple and straight forward. Nephilim can sense the lack of Limbo.
I turn to Dante;
"So... where to now?"
I ask.

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