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I had awoken after hitting the ground with Tycho, my eyes slowly opened to reveal two hazy, glossy eyes. "I can't see... What happened..."
"We follow this straight. When we come out, you'll...be a bit surprised by who lives here."
I nod and help Haze to her feet;
"I'm not sure.. you were bleeding from your eyes..."
I say, gesturing to Dante to lead on.
I start walking, Takeo vanishing from it's place on my waist. "If you're wondering why you can't sense Limbo, you're about to find out why."
I began to feel around, touching the blood until it was in my hands.
"But why can't I see then... All I see is darkness."
I say absently, concerned for Haze, helping her along.
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"But why can't I see then... All I see is darkness."

"I'm not sure... you might be blind..."
I began to panic with what he was saying.
"No! I can't be blind! I can't be..."
"My friend will see what they can do. Should be able to help with your eye sights."
I quickly grab hold of her hand, gently, as to comfort her;
"I have no idea if it's permanent, besides we're going to get you help.."
"I son'r knoq id ir ia wirhwe... Bur DRWE i LOAR RHWM... i Hcw bwwn wzpweiwnxinf moew poqwedul ciaiona." I was shocked at what I said... What did I say?

OOC: Actually... I managed to mess up on my keyboarding as I managed to place my fingers at the wrong spot... But I'm going with it.

IC: "What did I just say? I meant to say that after I lost my vision... I saw more powerful visions that grew more intense each passing second. And I will not take aid in the form of magic, implants... Or any of the such... Unless it is truly natural..."
lol, ok then.

I shake my head with confusion and worry;
"I have no idea... Hopefully we'll be able to sort it out when when get there..."

"How much further?"
I ask.
I was a bit nervous. It was so strange to not be able to feel Limbo. "J-just tell me when you need me to disappear and I will." My nervousness was creeping ever so slightly into my voice.
"You don't have a choice. My contact, an angel who's been here for some time, will be able to remove any adverse affects from you entering Limbo. And as for disappearing, I don't think she'll mind now." She'll also be able to remove the Demon's influence.
"This isn't from Limbo though! This happened in my dreamstate which is not connected to any plane at all! You don't know anything about me... For all we know it's permanent!"
"There's a chance that your being in Limbo had adverse effects either way."
Back on the surface, the barrier between Limbo and the Real world thinned out, and from Limbo appeared the same guard that was with Haze earlier: The Guard with stars. With a few muttered words, the illusion protecting the tunnel from eyes was dispelled.
"You underestimate me, Nephilim." She says to no one in particular. Soon, several vehicles approach, and troops pile out. These ones were different. They had no demon possessing them, and were controlled with a different method which was just as effective as mind controlling them directly. One of the vehicles was essentially an armory with wheels. Soon, said van was opened and the troops began collecting weapons, with four of them taking Rocket Launchers. The vast majority of them, however, were armed with Shotguns and Assault Rifles.
The Star Guard nods to herself, and turns back to the entrance.
gona be disappearing for work shortly so it might be better if my character does just ... disappear or something I don't know ...
Not an illusion Jester. Solid wall appears to keep the majority of the city out. And demons can't enter either.
Uh huh.......Whatever you say dude. Cause that !@#$ certainly makes sense. And who says I'm going in there? And there is also a flaw with your logic.
Why do I have a feeling that you are abusing DM powers?
I thought it was an illusion as well when it was told that it vanished from view.

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