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Hehe, DM powers go.

DM: One of them has their eyes go black with black tatoos running a short ways down from his bottom eyelid. "Nephilim..." Suddenly, Tycho finds himself in Limbo, facing a band of Stygians.

OOC: http://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/Enemies_in_DmC Second enemy.
OOC: Alright Zarkun I changed my post to match yours,

IC: As the man being tailed goes into an alley I cuss at him for doing so, "Why would you do that when your outmatched like that? The man won't even make it out alive most likely."
I chuckle at the cluelessness of the Ghost and keep walking, watching for cameras and Spotters. I didn't need Limbo right now.

I swallow a curse;
...not good...
With a rattle, two feet of fine chain slip into my hands, each link alternating angelic mithril and balefire iron;
"Well? let's get this over with!"
I say with a growl.
I arrive at the military base a it before midday, my dropship descending onto a small, square landing pad on the roof of a hangar. As soon as the ship touches down, the pad lowers itself into the hangar, and though the window I catch a glimpse of doors on the roof sliding shut above us. Fancy, I think to myself. Would be a point of failure if this base came under attack though.

The dropship's bay door gently drops open with a faint but audible humming. I step out onto the landing pad, which is now perfectly level with the rest of the hangar floor. I walk towards the hangar bay doors, my footfalls echoing on the smooth, polished surface. Either this base has never been used in combat, or whoever is in charge of this place is a neat freak. As I step out of the hangar, I can visibly see the midday heat coming off the dark pavement, the shapes of spacecraft and troops in uniform distorted and blurred by it.

An officer wearing a lightly coloured hat and leaning against the side of a Banshee calls out to me, covered by the shade from the aircraft's tail. I walk over to him, glancing around for any signs at all that the base or anything in it had ever actually seen combat.

"Late arrival? What's your name?", he asks me, pulling a PDA out of his pocket.

"Cassandra Emberlight." The officer appears to be fresh out of the academy, his uniform perfectly clean and none of his equipment showing any signs of use.

"Let's see...", he says, swiping upwards on the screen before tapping on one spot. "Yep, you're in the right place. Psionic assigned to investigate this cult thing?"


"Over there," he says, pointing at a group of people just outside the doorway of a small building. "Go meet the rest of the team, they'll fill you in."

"Thank you," I say, walking off in the direction that he indicated.

I meet up with the rest of the group. They appear to be the only ones who are not all in uniforms, standing outside the doorway speaking to each other. A few sit on a bench attached to the windowsill.

"Sorry I'm late," I say to them, propping myself up against the wall. "Mind filling me in on the mission details? Command was a bit vague in that area."
Three of the Stygians swing at the same time as the horde mills about. I notice the spotter in the alleyway and throw a knife into his head, killing him. I'd had to get on the roofs to avoid a corner infested with Spotters. Unfortunately for me, one of his buddies was also a spotter and pulled me into Limbo, where I witness the fight between Tycho and the Stygians. Drawing Takeo, I grin. "Another day, another few demons dead." I leap into the fray, cutting one in half.
OOC: Whatd I miss, an would it be possible that an Angelo goes rogue and works by themself?
Opening stuff and no, it wouldn't. That's more objectives and stuff. Angelos only get their armor if they stay loyal. Trust me, you'll get your fights soon.

DM: The team leader shrugged. "Find 'em, root 'em out, kill 'em. Shouldn't be hard to find since their muscle walks around in giant armor suits."
OOC: can she still do stuff by herself?
"Point taken", I say. "What kind of equipment have these guys got? For that matter, what do we have?"
"We have standard gear, your abilities, and your gear. With thing in the Sector so shakey, they didn't have time to send us extra special stuff yet."

OOC: Yes, they can.
Just how tough are these things?

I lash out with my chains driving the other two back. Leaping forward, I slam into one of the Stygians' chests, knocking it to the ground. Before it can strike back, the ends of my chains link and I loop them around it's neck. With a hard tug, it's head rolls free, severed by my chains.
As Xenros walks through the alleyways and finds one of the demon's Spotters. He sighs and pulls out his Revolvers. He fires them and takes off the legs of the Spotter and walks over and aims the gun at the head of the Spotter. He hesitates to pull the trigger of Lux and put an end to the demon.
I sit there in the darkness of an abandoned building, kneeling and holding my larger claymore "Pure Dragon", the blade wedged in the ground, waiting. I hear the newscast and then I awaken from my meditation. I sheathe the sword, and jump to a high building and start running with a quick speed among the rooftops, needing to find out what our next course of action is.
They're lower tier foes, so not super strong. And you...might need to fix your chains. Their make breaks the neutral start out.

IC: Another slips behind Tycho, swinging for his head and I engage a group, cutting them down then jumping into the air, drawing my revolvers and firing on the group, landing head shots from my vantage points.

The other thug, a Dreamer in human guise, drags Xenros into Limbo, using his hesitation to swing for his midriff and cleave him in half.
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And you...might need to fix your chains. Their make breaks the neutral start out.

What? I'm kinda confused...

The link dissolves and I whirl, blocking the blow with my bracer. With my free hand, I draw Payback and rip a deep gouge in the Stygian.
Xenros quickly ducks under the attack and brings his knee in contact to the demon's side. He draws Mortis and slices off the arm of the demon. He quickly moves in to stab the demon in the sternum.
The Dreamer teleports, vanishing momentarily, along with his arm. When he reappears, he is unharmed and attacks again, aiming for a decapitation.

The Stygian bursts apart and another takes it's place, attacking with a two swing combo.
I block its first strike and whip my my free chain around it's blade arm, linking in a tight loop. Before it can strike again, I pull hard, throwing it against a wall.
Xenros parries the blow and pushes the demon back. He draws Lux and for a split second hesitates to pull the trigger, but knowing that if he doesn't, he will die. Xenros fires the revolver into the skull of the demon and prepares to fire a second shot if the demon made any movement.

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