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The shields rebuff the attacks and glow red briefly. "You can only rip 'em off with Demon weapons. For now, trick them." I duck underneath a blow from the one I'm fighting and come up inside his guard, Takeo cleaving him him in half.
we proceeded outside. the alley was dark until i saw it. a hunter demon leaping rooftop to rooftop. probably caught the scent of some Nephilims. i look at beowulf "i know i know we'll follow it" she says as we run after the hunter.
The sounds of horror began to ensue... How did they find me? I didn't show any appearance at all or showed any influence. I couldn't see at all in this darkness, almost as if they ate the light in my room and clouded the sun from me. That was when there was a shatter from the window and the door... Rumbling and shaking had begun.
OOC: CR mind if i DM?
If you want to carry the burden of a thousand suns. (Sure, I just wrote this part down because I was bored. But yeah, you can DM it... Just don't expect her to be able to do much though.)
OOC: i was thinking you meet the hunter demon

CR: you begin to feel nauseous as the room begins to spin. then the wall rips open revealing the face of a hunter demon, you've been dragged into limbo

OOC: here is its picture and gear:
I felt a wave of cold and heat, scared of what happened.... This is the first time anything like this ever happened to me. What happened?! I didn't have anything to protect myself with... Not even my walking staff.
CR: the hunter demon grinned at you until a figure crashed down from the sky and stabbed the demon in the face

IC: "hey babe! cold night to be dragged into Limbo eh" i say before kicking the stunned demon off the building. i run to her "we gotta move that won't stall it for long"
I looked the man over, he saved my life... For now, whoever he was. Hesitating to follow the man into the abyss, but I managed to do so anyway. "I don't know where I am, I just want to go back home and try to forget this."
"well thing is you can't get out of here until you help me kill the son of a gun down there. that's the rule, the only way to get out of Limbo is to kill whatever the f*ck dragged you in here" i explain
I wanted to throw up in disgust... This man really had no manners... And class didn't matter at all. "Stop using that absurd language you are using. And I can't kill a single living creature, no matter how evil it is... I just can't do it... Because of my beliefs and raising into this world."
"welp. you're screwed then, and this is how normal people talk. thing is i can leave whenever i want. all i did was get dragged in by some stupid CCTV camera. so if you ain't willing you're stuck in here until he wakes up and stabs the crap outta you"
"That is the way how insecure people talk! And I can't bear to fight anything, or kill a single thing, is because I don't know how to. Guess I'll just end up just like the person who I cared for as family.... Dead." I couldn't bear to do anything, I can't do this!
i sigh... "do you really want to get out of here?" i ask
I gave a nod of agreement. "Yes, I want to get out of here."
i point at her "you owe me one lady" i say before i leap off the building
I was shocked as he jumped down, that man was not normal at all. "Please don't let this be the worse mistake I ever made."
i landed on a floating piece of debris. i jumped down onto the ground. i saw the hunter demon looking at me. it seemed we were in a park. " you fell for the trap" it said grinning at me.
" you're stuck here with me". "no.... you're stuck here with me!" i reply before switching beowulf into gun mode and rapidly firing all 8 armor piercing rounds at the hunter, the recoil from the gun felt like nothing to me. they clanged off his arm as he used it to shield his face. growling he fired his giant grappling hook. i dodged to the side but to my horror it hit the building that lady was in. with a grin the demon gave a tug and the whole building began to crash down.
My eyes were wide with the horror of death, scrambling to get higher as it came crumbling down.... It was no use, the whole building was coming down. I had to move faster, or face the fate of being crushed alive, but that was the plan apparently... Or part of it. That was when a chunk of the building broke off, and I was on it. There was no time to jump, or grab a hold of another piece.... Just enough time to fall for eternal rest.
"oh you got me pissed now boy" i say with a grin as my eyes glow an even brighter red, my hair also turning white. everything stopped moving and the hunter was frozen in the air. i held my hand outstretched at him and closed it into a fist. at the same time all the debris from the falling building and other stuff from the park all hurled toward the hunter demon and crashed into it with a sickening crunch. my hair slowly turned black again and i caught the girl. "you ok?" i ask

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