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My body was cold from fear, sweat trickling down my face. That was when I saw the man catch me. He was not human... And my life could be in more danger being near him. "I-I believe so."
i put her down and went to the pile of rubble. only the hunter demon's face was not covered.
" you're going to die. just like your wh0re mother" it growled at me. "well i don't know my mom. but if you're calling me a son of a b*tch you wouldn't be the first!" i say before plunging beowulf deep into its skull.
One thought went through my mind, this man is insane! My choice ran through my head, instincts.... Run. Without thinking twice, that's exactly what I did.
i saw her stumbling and running. i easily caught up to her, jumping i landed in front of her. "where do you think you're going? you still owe me" i say
I tried my hardest to keep tears from coming, I just wanted to go home right now... The stupid debt can wait. "Can it please wait? I just want to go home right now."
"uuuhh you're home as in meaning that pile of ruble of there?" i say pointing to the wreck behind us. "sorry lady but whatever happens in limbo happens in real life"
This can't be happening right now, this can't be! What is he going to ask me to do? "That can't be? This can't be happening, and what is my debt?!"
"uuuhhh some dinner would be nice? and i'll try and get you a place to stay" i say
This man couldn't be serious... He wanted me to give him dinner when my apartment had been destroyed? Every belonging I ever had was in there... Even the food, of course... "You can't be serious, everything I have ever owned is gone forever now, and you expect me to give you food when I don't have any? I don't even have money."
"first i save your life now you want me to babysit you? this good guy thing isn't easy crap" i say.
i sight "follow me i know a place where you can settle"
"You are absolutely disgusting! You aren't babysitting and all I said was that I can't just get you dinner because if you haven't noticed, the entire apartment complex had been destroyed!" Maybe I should've just died...
"lady just calm down. besides you haven't seen the worst of it" i growl
"Is that a threat?" I asked in a stern tone.
"don't try and act tough. you're just a civilian, one out of a million caught in this every day. some of them don't make it out alive. let me just say it to you straight. your whole life is a lie, from the minute you were born you were fed sh*t from demons and would have continued to. you have something they want. i'm just here to make sure they don't get it"
"I'm not trying to act tough, I'm asking a question... My Savior. And I already knew they existed... Only reason why I was found by them is because found me looking at them from the future... I was looking into the past when they found me."
"so you're a psychic, and don't call me savior, my name is Ventus. yours?"
"I'm not a psychic... I'm a Seer... There is a slight difference... And you may call me Haze. And I'm sorry if we got off on the 'wrong' foot. I'm just scared and equally worthless in this positioning."
"since you are a seer you may not be all worthless. Come you seem hungry" i say
I scoff at that comment. "Hungry.... No.... Tired and frustrated with everything that has been happening lately.... Yes."
"well i am and you need to eat" i say as i walk towards a nearby fast food place

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