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"Since all you are going to do is wear me down with your insistence.. I might as well." This man though... He is not normal in the very least.
we arrived at a fast food place. Haze found us a seat and i grabbed 2 burgers, fries, and 1 drink. i place the items downs and grab the only drink. "don't grab yourself the drink. its Verility, or as i like to call it brainwash juice"
I watch with disappointment... Brainwash Juice? "I was actually expecting water... And I came here before and nothing had ever happened. Are you just that paranoid about my safety?"
"that and the fact that the cashier that served me is a Stygan in disguise and they replaced every drink with Verility, including the water. the only reason we ain't dead right now is the fact that everyone here is doped up on it except people like me." i explain
"Before you have me eat without giving me a choice... Why do they want me, what's so special about me?"
"its the fact you are a seer. they have some big plan in motion and they want nobody to know about it, especially someone that can see exactly and clearly what it is like you" i reply
"I can't see it as clearly as you may believe it so to be. I can only see the past or future for about 20 seconds. But what exactly do they want with me..."
"for one i think they want to capture you, possible turn you with the Ascension ceremony so you transform into a demon and then expand your ability to see in the future so you can do it for longer and more accurately so they can see all the flaws in their plan and eliminate them"
"Just my luck. So... I have an entire planet of them coming after me and I have no way of protecting myself unless I take up your offer... Am I close or spot on?"
"yep" i say grinning before wolfing down my burger.
I still wasn't hungry... But he was watching so I took one fry out of the container. "Now what is your offer... What exactly do you want with me besides my protection I reckon?"
"you know how you owe me? well repay me with one thing" i say before my expression grew stern "don't die"
"I'm sorry... But you know very well that's one thing I can't keep a promise on. If my death is coming, I can't stop it no matter how hard I try... Even you know that you can't easily change time, unless you break it apart piece by piece and rearrange it in your image."
"well try your best." i was going to continue but then someone sat down beside me. "yello!" beowulf said. "this is so not the time!" i reply
"I'm about to lose my sanity and I'll only be useful to them if I lose it... can we maybe get going soon? I'm still not hungry so we could probably just take the food with us..."
"yaya. beowulf can you be useful and get me a paper bag?" i ask. "hey i'm useful all the time. just usually not in this form" she replies.

here's beowulf's human form:
"Can we please hurry it up? I don't want people becoming suspicious. And you do realize that I'll be no help to anyone once you put me in 'hiding' right? Because then they'll be able to find me if I even try to look through time."
"then don't. besides the best thing you can do for anyone is to stay alive" i say as beowulf brings me a bag and i pack everything away.
That was when I asked a question that would have been important to me to know. "Just one question... How do I know if I can trust you? I'm just asking because how you made it sound.... You can trust no one on this planet. Let alone... yourself?"
"you can't. but where else are you going to go? besides i'm the only one half sane in this city. Look i'm a Nephilim, as in the son of a devil and an angel"

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