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"Are there others? And are you the only one who is choosing to protect me? Or was that just your decision in the making?"
Xenros exits the limbo and finds himself back within the alleyway. He exits and walks into the light of the street.
"welp i don't usually help people, can barley help myself. but the minute i saw that hunter i knew you were the real deal" i reply
I reach New Haven again and head down a side street. The side street dumps me out on a road with a dominion ghost staring at an alleyway and another nephilim in front of said alleyway. Did I miss something?
"Real deal? My... Ain't I the popular girl down the block?" If only things could be truly normal....
Can you really trust him, Haze Kinra? Or maybe he is one of them, sent to befriend you and then will turn you over to his master. A voice in her head says, heard only by her and her alone.
beowulf's stare hardens. "he's near" she says to me. i turn to Haze "we gotta move..... now"
I never though about that possibility. Can I trust him? Can I trust anyone? Can I even trust myself? I was staring off into space, I couldn't hear either of them.
"i didn't think i'd have to do this" i say before slapping her in the face.
I find myself back in the real world, and shake my head. Hunter Demon. One of the other Nephilim in the city killed it. Nodding to the one with the chains, I walk back out of the alley and resume walking, flipping the Ghost off again.
I felt the stinging sensation from his hand, burning into my cheek as the pain intensified. A little trickle of blood came dripping down my face. The voice was right. "What was that for?!"
"you're being manipulated by a demon! Beowulf felt it, you've been staring at thin air for 3 minutes!" i say before seeing all the workers staring at us. "and i think we got company" i say before a familiar lurching feeling invades me as we are dragged into limbo
I spot a woman standing near the TV store and Takeo freaks out. Demon or not, she isn't bothering me, so I'll let her be. I continue on, watching for more Spotters.
I'm on top of some 3-5 story buildings, running among the roofs looking for something to kill.

In the city, New Haven

Can something happen to me? Or can i run into someone?
well you could easily spot one of the other chars from your vantage point
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maybe he is one of them, sent to befriend you and then will turn you over to his master.
I remembered what the voice said... Demon or not, mind just playing tricks on me... The voice was right. Just as I was about to say something about what just happened again. I was back staring into space, deep in thought.
i looked around. it seemed Haze was staring out again. i didn't have time to wake her up. Beowulf materialized into my hand as i switched it into gun mode. i fired a volley of shots eliminated 2 of the Stygan. i switched back into blade mode and beheaded one of them. another Stygan tried to creep behind me as i blocked its blow and quickly retaliated dealing a mortal wound to its stomach and stomping its head to pulp. but as i fought more enemies kept coming out of the woodwork
Can you trust him? Can you trust someone who claims they are part angel and part demon? Maybe he is fully a demon, seeking your trust to manipulate you. The voice says.
The voice sounded like it was the truth, the man had been acting weird as well... Slapping me across the face was also one of those moments... I can't trust him.
there was no way she was gonna trust me now. that demon fueling all those thoughts into her head. " beowulf" i said in my head " i've already tracked this demon. he's in the building 2 blocks away" she replied " good girl" i say before taking Haze in one hand and barging out the fast food place.

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