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I lost focus with the voice, suddenly being dragged by this man pretty much. With as much force as I could exert, my hand slipped out of his grip. Glancing back I ran the other direction.
"the sooner he dies the better" i growl before barging without her. soon i glanced up at the rooftop where i could see the feint outline of the leader demon. with a grin i barged up the stairs until i reached the top. "you're an ugly motherf*cker aren't you?"
Freedom is sweet. Don't let others control you. Embrace the right to control what you do, what you choose to be. The voice says.
I choose my own fate... I wont let others choose it for me... I'll surpass them all! Looking around quickly I ran into the nearby alley way and I spotted a lid that would take me down into the sewers.
the demon was deep in thought as i fired a volley of AP rounds at him
I watch 'the boy' walk down the street then look right at me. I look down for a moment then back up and start walking towards him. I had finally decided to actually talk with him.
I slid the lid open, slowly easing myself down the hole and into the abyss.... I guess they truly were my first steps of freedom.
The rounds proved a waste as the demon ducked. It stands back up, grins, and disappears into the Limbo, dragging only itself into the realm.
The sewers were dark, no visible light available. I was all alone, yet inside... I felt crowded, as if something was watching my progress and was pleased with my choices so far.
Relax. You are safe from those who would harm you here. But you must hurry, for their influence spreads with every passing moment. At the end of the tunnel, someone will be there to escort you to safety, and get you way from them.
I gave a nod to... Nobody. I must just be delirious. Looking quickly from behind, I quickened my pace down the dark tunnel. Ignoring the harsh smell of the rotten decay in here.
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The rounds proved a waste as the demon ducked. It stands back up, grins, and disappears into the Limbo, dragging only itself into the realm.

dude i'm already in limbo XD

IC: i run at the demon and jump up in the air preparing to slam my sword down on its body
Just a friendly reminder to post your APPROVED character sheets in the thread I made for them.
(Darkra, would you edit the link into the opening post? Just trying to help.)

With a grunt I drop out of limbo, and move to quickly catch up with the other Nephilim;
"Hey! thanks for the help back there."
The Demon shifts out of the way, moving a good distance in a few seconds. It smashes through the window, taking the drop as if it was nothing. It sprints the distance, moving as quickly as it can.

The sewers opens up into a room. Two troops wait there, guns aimed down-range, but as they see you they lower their weapons and their heads, almost reverently. One opens a door leading to a set of stairs.
The guards... They seemed normal, protective... Maybe the voice was right after all. Almost as if on command from my mind, my body automatically ascends up the stairs, not stopping even once.
As she steps up the stairs, the guards form up behind her, closing the door behind her.
They will keep you as safe as they can, but I fear they may not be enough. You must hurry.
I did everything the voice told me to, it was guidance... Pure, and honorable... For now. I watched as the guards followed as as I took my own steps towards this location.
IC: i follow it, catching up in a few quick sprints. i was right beside it as stabbed it's side, my blade plunging into its demon flesh
Moving quicker and quicker, more instinct than my own thoughts. I wondered where I was supposed to go, I was already out of the tunnel... By now.
The Demon hisses and back-hands you, sending you a step back while its flesh rapidly repairs. It then speeds away, moving into the subway system.

You approach a door. It requires input of a code, in which one of the guards step out and starts inputting the code.

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