HOTS runs horribly on mac.

Mac Technical Support
I have the game set to below the recommended settings and I get ~10 fps on mac every time I try to play. On bootcamp with Windows 7 running the same settings I get like 40+ fps. Starcraft is optimized so horribly for macintosh it's not even funny. If the game still runs like this on release date it's gonna be a scam to sell it for mac.
What is your mac set-up?
I have a 2011 era mac book pro. AMD 6750, 2.3 ghz i7, 8 gb ram. I'm running sc2 on about medium settings.
That is strange, I'm running pretty close to the same as you and the only have minimal problems. It still is a beta with a lot of polishing to do, but you shouldn't be running ~10 fps. What os are you using?

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