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Hi, I'm here to promote and advocate the Ratchet Fight Club and to invite you to participate. What is it? We're simply a practice team. No application necessary, no minimum league requirement. Just a friendly disposition and the willingness to play and learn. We host 1v1 obs in group sessions so people can learn and improve their gameplay. We have members on at all hours of the day usually, and tend to do most of our sessions at night. We usually talk over skype, which you are more then welcome to join in on, though it is not mandatory by any means.

Please note that this is not a clan, this is not a formal team, and it is not something you really have membership in. What we strive for is a group of people to practice with regularly, we just decided to put a name on it to make it easier. There are only a few rules, and yes you CAN talk about RFC.

If it's your first time at RFC, you have to fight.
If you lose, don't BM or rage.

That's it, pretty easy to follow. Additionally once you do your initial match, you are more then welcome to just come to watch or hangout if that's your thing. Add me; Bojak.950 or LetsRunAway.418 for more details. Hope to see you guys there.

Sounds awesome to me hope to see you guys tonight.

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