list of custom games will not load.

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I have been trying the blizzard support but so far they have not helped.

Every map on my custom game list appears as "...." and I cannot play them. Its not the first time i've had this but last time it went away in a day or so. this time its been about a week.

My bookmarked games and recently played also do not work. I have cleared my game cache, re installed the game, Nothing so far has worked.

Anyone know of a solution? I couldn't find one on the forums.
Hello BookHouse, I would try these suggestions first, and see how it goes.
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That seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much :)
Ok, It fixed it, but now I started losing games from my list again.
what about for mac, what do i do? same problem , all the custom games "...."
cant play or load hlep please
I can log in but, I can't seem to play multiplayer or custom games.. I keep getting the loading circle and if it ever stops loading it says 'no games found'. I was even invited to a game, but was stuck loading to try and get into the lobby. I've been reading forums for help and I deleted caches they said to, but still nothing.

It's really rather frustrating.
Kster, can you post some more information about your connection? Where are you playing from?

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I have satellite internet, specifically Hughesnet. And, I am playing from a laptop. I've had no problems until the latest Patch.

Windows Firewall
Model no: WRT54GL v1.1
I would make sure ports 3724 and 1119 are being forwarded to your laptop's current IP address:
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST

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