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Hello Brotoss!
I'm a protoss player gold league I got promoted during this current season.
I really enjoy this game an im really trying to get better . I'm on everyday during the evening .
I'm looking for someone whos willing to help me reach at least diamond league I know I can do it with help since I play everyday! That can be a coach or a partner that would like to train with me 1v1 2v2 whatever it is that can help , I'll do ! So I'd really appreciate any help and since im on everyday, I'll get better quick with good help I'll be a good practice partner!
I'm not sure what we can do but I alsi have skype we can watch replays, practice build ...high league players out there know what we have to do I guess

I really hope any response and help for a motivated brotoss looking to get better and appreciate even more this epic game ( since im pretty sure the better you are the more fun in game you have )
I'm on NA server eastern time .My first language is french so I can speak french and english even know if we get to skype I have that french accent since im not perfectly bilingual . Well Im sure this isnt a real problem .
Thank you guys !;)
You can always hit me up in game and I can try to help. Also one post would be significant. Protoss section of the forums aren't so busy that things buried in a day. It can take awhile for people to pull up the page and respond.
Nice thank you wraithcube, I really appreciate it
I will also help if you want :D

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