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When should I stop droning to build more hatcheries and when should I get queens if I want to have the biggest economy I can at the 7 or 8 minute mark?

On an unrelated note, Terran OP.
first off we're zerg you NEVER stop droning muwhahaha you get the hatch and queens when ever possible while not disrupting droning and THATS how you get the biggest economy possible. But that being said its all relative, i sometimes instead of getting my 3 and 4th queen will get a macro hatch instead and then get the queens just a tiny bit later/ delay my creep spread ( i play aggressive which gives me time to safely spread so im never too concerned about that)

thing to keep in mind though is, if your about to have an inject pop (try to line up your injections at your bases) don't make any queens or hatcheries if your not going to beable to make every larva into a drone because you will lose mining time/ the ability to make more drones later on earlier economy translate to more later so drones are always #1 priority

also: t( -_- t ) terran
Ok, so does this build sound reasonable?

16 pool
15 hatch
24 queen
26 hatch
~30 queen
34 hatch
33 gyser
Don't worry about it so much, just expand how you want (hatch first or pool/hatch), build queens when you can afford it, keep making drones until you need units.
hmm take terran op back and i can help ya

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