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im wondering why it's possible to chrono boost something thats already being chrono boosted. ive missclicked a couple times wasting nexus energy, it's not game changing, but why doesnt blizzard make it so you cant chrono boost something that already is being chrono boosted?
Because people time out their chronoboosts specifically. First chronoboost goes down on the nexus as soon as the first pylon finishes. 2nd chronoboost goes down at 2/3rds of the 13th probe being built.

If you chronoboost a millisecond too early it's better for it to start a whole new chronoboost that lasts for the duration rather than fail outright. This also allows you to ensure that there are no gaps between chronoboosts.

It's more of a fail gracefully than fail completely thing.
Math-wise, if you're gonna Chronoboost something that will complete before the Chronoboost is over, you might as well be safe a put on another Chrono before the first one is finished.
On something that will come out just a bit after the Chrono, you'll get more Chrono'd build/cooldown/upgrade time if you wait for the previous Chrono to finish.
ok i see how that makes sense thanks

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