how do you beat a terran in the early game ?

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I feel like no matter a terran will always have an advantage , if its a army of protoos vs terran with both having 3/3 the terran still has the medivacs healing them and stim pack on top of 3/3 I mean protoss has the sentries for the shield but that's it. every time I verse I always get beat by an push of like a couple marauders and marines and I never ! have enough to kill them , so they get my natural and than just come up my main but ill stall with forcefields on the ramp but once I cant anymore ill warp in untis but hes always making marines and marauders as well. how do I beat that early push ? I never have enough to beat it, he comes with marines, marauders and like 2 medivacs, I have like a couple of stalkers , 3 zealots and like 2 sentries. what do I do ?
Please post a replay so people can see what type of push you are losing to exactly.
Depending on what time Terran pushes you with Medivacs (I'm assuming around 10min on 2 base or ~7min on 1 base), you will have to do some heavy micro with good forcefields and possibly using probes at your natural if you don't have enough army. If he comes around 10 minutes and you don't have enough army, you might need to "macro" harder (i.e. chrono probes non-stop) before building an army while keeping an eye whether he is attacking you earlier than that. Try getting at least 6 sentries or so and see if that works for you.
I think you mean how do you survive their timing hit, not beat them.

If he has two medivacs you should either have a larger army than what you mentioned or a Colossus out, if not, there's your reason.
If you actually want to beat them early game, you'll basically have to do an All-In. There's nothing 'safe' that you can really do that will actually kill them early. And if you want to play a longer game, the sentries are for the force field, not just the shield.

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