Can't even install game, via Dsc nor Download

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When I install via the disc and it goes to update I get stuck in the "Updating Blizzard Update Agent" for sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes a hour. And then the couple of times it did get past and went to download or "optimize" it would fail there every time. So far every time I have gone to download the game it has not once gotten past the "Updating Blizzard Update Agent".

I have a Sager NP9150, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 680M and 120G Solid State.

Only reason I have come to re-install STC2 is because I made the poor choice to update to Windows 8, things have gone all wrong, so I went back to Windows 7. I have been at STC the past 5 hours and have had no luck.. Yes I have destroyed/deleted all files related to STC2, including the BNets.....

Any Help or even attention from a Blue would keep my faith in Blizzard.
Hey Toa, you'll want to over each of these steps to be thorough. Please let us know how it goes.
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