This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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OOC: I should have been more specific, she was examining the engine at the time.
I stop cleaning my sword, drop the cloth and look around. "This is going to get interesting." I set myself in a ready position and stretch out my mind searching for what ever was making the sounds. The Bandits are absolutely insane. Not smart enough to interrogate you.
They don't even know how to speak English, man.
The engine has a lot of wear and tear on it. It will need to be replaced soon. Some tubes aren't connected right, and the fuel is at about 30%.
I keep my rifle at the ready, looking for the source of the growling noise. As if we didn't have enough problems...

I draw my other scythe and take a position near Jessica. While she was armed and prepared, her checking over the engine would delay her a fatal split second.
I awake from the sleep I went into after expending a fair amount of energy. I yawn and stretch. I then realize what I just did. I had moved without using energy, well, I don't mean physical energy, but that Psionic stuff. I get to my feet. "So, what should I know?"
I take note of the tubes being in the wrong places or simply not connect and quickly fix that.

"Well this engine about toast. We might get a few hundred miles out of it before it's completely useless, though the fuel levels will probably get us maybe fifty miles before the fuel is depleted."

I pause for a minute and listen for more howls or anything else that might be moving outside of the camp before closing the hood of the SUV.

"Anyway we have a form of transportation for a short while. Even once the engine is trash we can probably salvage other parts of it like the radio, the MG and its ammo, the axles and wheels to make a makeshift cart, maybe a few seats in case someone is wounded and can't walk for said cart...." Mentally I keep going over various things we could still use from the SUV.
I put my back to the SUV and back towards it slightly. "I would suggest someone gets on that gun and figures out how to make it turn before we have company again."
I walk over, watching for the source of the growls. "Sounds good. We'll have to see about fuel later. Let's get someone on the MG."

I climb back up the trees, looking for the growl's source. It was eery that we were once more being watched.
The growling is now extremely loud, ear jarring, high pitched and just demonic...

We all start seeing visions. Something, someone. Of our pasts. A dark figure with their features definable, but their true colors and faces lie hidden.

Each one tells us something, something that starts our journey down the hellish path of survival...
"Just because of the turbulence."
"Fuel isn't much good if the engine fails in a few hundred miles. That is more dangerous than anything especially if it throws a rod."

I look up at the MG. "It is as simple as finding a better base and maneuvering it some so that the gunner can rotate the full three hundred and sixty degrees. For now just don't pull to hard or it will come off, twits didn't even weld it properly..." I stop mid sentence as the vision starts.

I drop to the ground holding my head as my vision darkens and a figure approaches me. "Jessica Flint, you are a decedent of John Flint senior of Earth and Dani Giltstren. You are here to investigate this planet to see what dwells here as well as reclaim an old family relic that was stolen many years ago. Be careful who you trust and should you feel in need the amulet you posses holds a key to some of your more stranger powers." The vision fades and my view returns to the woods.

"What just happened?" I ask louder than I wanted to.
I grasp my head and see a man in similar armor to mine, but I can't see his face. "You're descended of a long line of honorable mercenaries. But here, a family member dishonored our name. You'll remember their face when you see them. For now, fight and survive, but don't trust the Blood Letter..." He fades and I come back to reality.

"What the hell was that?"

I freeze in place, my vision being enveloped by red. A voice comes out as a figure appears. "You are Jerus Je'and, chosen of the Blood Letters to bring unity to this planet. Here, you find your roots. For now, bleed long and may the Blood God watch over you." He vanishes and my vision clears. I am still on the branch, and now very confused.
I sit in my tree, cleaning my blade. And a familiar dark mist appears in the tree in front of me. It sits on the tree, one leg hanging down and its head rests on its fist, which is resting on its knee.

It... Seems to be staring at me. I cannot see any of its facial features very well, but I do see that its mouth is opening. To speak.

"You, are Kain Orin. You are the son of -*The sound that seems like feedback is heard*-. You are a great assassin of the Guild of the Shade Gheists. You have a purpose here, and it must be fulfilled. Try not to kill any of your... Allies. But your only true friend is the Blood Letter. Keep an eye out for any of the psionics... I will return, in time.

May the shadows shroud the path you walk, and the powers of the Fade guide you on that path...

And remember. One vision, one purpose."

The figure disappears in the same mist, and I can feel its smile lingering, even though it is gone...

I open my mouth to ask it who or what it is, but it is already gone...

...Whatever that was. It wasn't an enemy, and it isn't gone for good...
My head starts to burn and my vision clouds for a moment. A woman with a silver ghost suit appears but her face is hidden. "You are the heir to the throne of the swarm but you still have a lot growth to do before then and keep an eye on the Blood Letter he is ... trouble." The woman fades away and my vision clears as my head slowly stops burning.

"Wha-What the hell just happened?"
I see a man in a black cloak, his eyes burning teal in the darkness of his cowl. "Why hello my however many greats it is granddaughter. First, do not trust any of them but the hybrid. Our two families have been close. Second, there is a place where you will find more bolts. And last of all, your powers will come back, and you shall be able to fight." He pauses.


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