This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I pick myself up off of the ground and look around seeing everyone's faces riddled with confusion and shock. I guess everyone had a somewhat similar experience as I did.

I reach out with my mind to the amulet in my pocket. If what the voice told me is true then there are more secrets about who I am and what I can do hidden with in it. I pry about trying to find something only to draw up a few more specifics of what I could do, pertaining to my psionics and abilities. I keep these to myself for now since the voice had warned me on who to trust. It felt very familiar, much like the person that I saw in the memory stored in the crystal.

I grab my kaiser blade that I had resting near by and walk around to the drivers side of the SUV. "We better get moving....."

OOC: Koro I don't think you added Fury's character to the roster.
It just occured to me that only Koro's guy likes Jerus. Why must the odd ones be hated...
02/11/2013 07:46 AMPosted by Zarkun
It just occured to me that only Koro's guy likes Jerus. Why must the odd ones be hated...
Funny..... Really funny it is. Only difference is that it's the odd ones that have control over the fate of everyone at times.

IC: Many voices swirled around my soul, blood as cold as a blade dipping in the night sky. Familiar faces that shown with perseverance. A shock of pleasure coursing through my veins.... Power of blood.... Pure and dark, forgiving but cruel... But then there was one voice that spoke.... The voice was mute. So no words came out, but instead... Pictures and holograms inside of an old command center on a planet. Pictures of creation ensued upon me.... I was inside of a tank, created and born from within it. That was when a soft voice went into my ear.

Harbinger of Fate....

I was knocked out cold after that, falling onto the ground.

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Sorry bout not making any posts here. Forgot about it for a bit.

IC: I look over the MG on the back of the truck, and without warning I hear something loud go off. I look around for the source, but I had suspicion that only I had heard it.
Kelly, pay attention to your mother. I know how hard it is for you out there. I was out there at one point, before Admiral Stukov was killed. I know how hard it was to be in the middle of the fight, and I'm trying to help you the best I can. I put you with Jackson, and he'll try his best to help you, but sometimes there are things that you have to do yourself.
OOC: Well then again, Jerus and Korozain are pretty similar. Their factions are too. IC inc
Still, instant "no blood powers" mode. I mean...come on. Ryan is a likeable guy and all, but he's a mercenary.
No one responded to my person just falling over knocked out?
I'm still trying to figure out why no one likes Jerus...
My person didn't say anything about Jerus yet.... Or anybody. I thought we were supposed to do a dark twist? Not some hate/like fest...
Go read everyone's. The only one who had something positive to say was Koro. The rest were anti-Jerus or anti-everyone.
That's what I'm saying.... He still doesn't trust them though... My person is just mental and can't really tell..... And is mine the only real dark past reveal like it said on the post?
He said something random, not necessarily dark. Although I guess Dark would work.
I misread that.... But the whole "hellish" part made me think that no one did that except for me perhaps.
I was brain dead when I typed it and now I'm too lazy to edit in more.
My vision flashes, and I remember...

I curse and scramble around our entrenched hill settling into position as a score of lings backed by half a dozen hunter killers burst from the tree line charging our position. I start picking off the hunters as somebody else begins chucking fire charges into the lings' path...
"ETA on the Slammers?!"
I call out, switching to full auto and reloading.
"30 min!"
Comes the short reply...

I stagger back half a step, shocked by the realness of the memory;
...What the?... What the hell was that?...
I wonder to myself.
Excuses excuses. :P
Anyway... We should continue since I'm back.
Noticing Jereco stumble, I move over to him. "You alright?"
Demons of the past.... As the expression went. Was I a Demon of the past? I wasn't normal.... I was tank born. For all I know.... I ain't human, I ain't completely human either.... Many theories were running through my head.... Who was I created from?!

A shock collar was on my neck, triggered to go off if I disobeyed....
Training.... Training.... I was a tool to the slaughter, a tool to weed out everyone.
What kind of tool though? A killing machine or a persuasive one? What is it?!

I didn't move.... I was still knocked out at this spot.
I shake my head to clear it;
"I.. I think so. Just had a rather... graphic flashback... It seemed as real as this (I gesture around me) right now..."
I nod. "I think some one was helping us remember. I'm here for a family member."

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