This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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Shock treatments ensued, never ceasing to stop it seemed to be. I was afraid of them all. I may be insane and cruel to others.... While just plan insane with a dark twist fondled within there... I was just a sad, worthless little girl trying to hide from anyone who could bring me harm. That was when a recent memory happened.... Right before the crash...

I had...

The memories ceased to continue for now, as a buzzing sound within my skull woke me up with a jolt.
BTW, I changed his name to Jereco, or just Jerec.

"We were fighting zerg... We'd entrenched ourselves on a hill to and were holding out for reinforcements... You heard of the Slammers?... or more specifically Hammer's Slammers?..."
I ask, remembering the company's full name.
"Not that I can think of. I only got a bit on why I'm here."

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No problem.

"That's interesting... I can remember working with you before... When, where or why, I can't remember..."
"Who knows. But, I think we should focus on the growling sound for now."
I shake my head, the memories leaving me. I look back up at the MG, and immediately something comes to mind. I turn back to the woods upon hearing them mention a growling sound, but I keep my comments to myself.
"Well I don't know about the rest of you but I am about to press on. By the way I'm driving."

I climb into the SUV shutting the door behind me on the drivers side and look for the keys to start the SUV. If I couldn't find them I could probably hot wire it.
"Okay." I look nervously into the forest and climb in, my crossbow loaded. I sat in the passenger seat next to Jessica.
I fell over once more, still dizzy from all the visions... Passing out once more on the forest ground.
I grab Foxy and lay her in the back before getting on the roof and kneeling, my scythes ready.

I elbow Jereco. "Let's get in. We'll serve better from there."
I nod and lope over the SUV, hopping in;
"Where we headed?"
I ask.
I follow, sitting on the MG. "Forest area Jessica found earlier. We formulated a plan to help us survive."
"Okay, what's the plan?" I ask.
"First we'll need a raft, for travel up and down stream. Then, we'll start work on a small city type deal in the trees."

I listen to Ryan's plan and nod. He had a knack for survival.
"So we are going to build a city of nine people?" I ask, rather doubting such a thing could work too well until about maybe 10 generations in the future, and that was only if the woman had a lot of children.
"Thinking too logically. There might be others that aren't insane." I pipe up for the first time, deciding to move along with the SUV rather than taking a seat on it.
"Not literally, just the term used to describe the place. It'll have living huts for us individually, and then the central eating area, a command center, we'll expand as we gain. Eventually, we'll be able to power it." I turn and look out the back, and mutter to myself so the others wouldn't hear, "I hope."
Recap please?
I couldn't find the keys so I start hot wiring the SUV and get it started in a few minutes. Once it was started I put into drive and floor it heading for the woods that I had found earlier near the stream driving erratically but expertly.

"It doesn't exactly have to be a city just something to keep us alive until we figure out more about who we are and/or for someone to some and rescue us."
Jerec's flashback.

We've all boarded the SUV.

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