This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"Rescue? The last few encounters with any life we've had were all insane people trying to kill us for no apparent reason.. I dont think we'll be getting help for a while, or ever... But a place to survive would be a good idea. Nomadic life gets tiresome after some time."
"Heh, I'm tired of it already." I swivel side to side, watching for the owners of that growl. I wasn't about to forget them.

"It's something one get's used to after an extended period of time." A memory flashes of moving from planet to planet, fighting off invaders of all sorts.
I scowl towards Korozain. "You knew what I meant fool."
I take a sharp turn to avoid a few trees as we near the new location.

In a few more minutes we arrive at the side of the stream where the woods meet the plains. "Here we are everyone." I turn off the SUV and exit drawing my rifle for the moment.
I climb out and look over the trees. "Jerus' little trick will come in handy."
I jump out and look around. "It's quite beautiful. But there definitely doesn't appear to be anything civilized from what I see."
I get off the back of the truck and walk towards Ryan while replying to (SF's char's name which needs to be added to the line up). "No dip Sherlock."
"That it will." I turn to look at Marina. "Don't let the beauty distract you, and we are not looking for a civilized area. This just happens to be our staging point to move down stream."
OOC: Done.

IC: "Quite peaceful. I prefer a burning, hellish version of this with a blood river. But I enjoy this as well."
"Screw you." I say to the Oraia girl. "It's not distracting me. And civilization would allow for us to find power sources." I look at Kain oddly. "What is wrong with you?"
"Quite the number of things. Enough that I have an entity in my mind that apparently kills or destroys the mind of anyone that tries to pry into it..."
A disturbing thought comes to me. "Is this entity, craving in destruction and from time to time take over your body and cause you to destroy everything?"
I leap off the roof of the SUV and move towards a tree, focusing energy into the scythes. "The same thing that's wrong with me." I swing and drop the tree. "He's a killer, bred and trained."

I shake my head at Jerus and set my rifle to the beam setting, beginning to cut a raft out of it. "Let's worry about mental stability after we're safe from everything else."
I sigh as I start searching the back of the SUV for anything that would aide in building a raft.
"I don't know, thats all I really know about it." I step to the side as Jerus lands next to me. I nod my head towards him with my arms crossed saying non-verbally "What he said.".

I decide to help Jessica in finding whatever she needs. "Need help with something?"
"Aside from the pointless bickering to end, need something to lash the logs together, remove the mounted MG, what ever rations that are useable in here, and probably some time to remove the tires." I list as I keep searching for any form of rope to use.
Finishing the outline, I look for something better for working wood and spot an old ax in the SUV. I grab it and set to work as I watch for trouble.

I start work on the tree as well, my scythes working as well as the ax that Ryan used. "Anyone else wonder why it got quiet all of a sudden?"
I stop what I was doing and look at Jerus.
"It's because what ever was stalking use has rallied its group. Keep on edge but don't let it think that we know its there." One of my hands moves to rest on one of my kaiser blades and I listen and psionically feel for something waiting to attack.
I nod and shift to Blood Vision, watching for anything unfriendly.

I just kept working, my ears listening for anything unfriendly moving towards us.
"I guess I'll go look for some vines or something, seeing that this vehicle has nothing like rope in it." With that I go to the river to cross it and go to the area over there.
I listen and stretch out psionically (again for the third time) searching for the things as well. I wanted to see what else I could do with my psionic abilities but now wasn't a good time to experiment.

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