This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I sigh and begin disassembling the MG mount slowly in case something attacked us now.
You feel nothing with your mind, you do feel a bit of the emotions of the people nearby. (Not their thoughts though)
OOC: Is that just to Moprh or is that to all psionics that are reaching out as well?
OOC: All.
I keep myself preoccupied while I sense the emotions of others. I wasn't sure what to make of it as of right now.
Hehehehe, Psi screen for the win!

IC: I send headache inducing back lash to the psionics and growl. "Stay away from my head, or you'll regret it."

A monitor on my helmet beeps, indicating that some one was trying to see my mind. "I'm with Jerus, minus the regret part. I don't like you in my head."
I had already known to stay away from Ryan and I cringe from the feedback Jerus had sent. I decide to stop searching for the ... things that might or might not be out there.
"I wasn't reaching into your mind you prick." I rub my head. "I was looking for what ever it was that is stalking us."
"Then make it less broad. I've turned Ghosts into vegetables for even glancing at my mind." I move to follow Korozain, figuring that I'd be of more use there.
"Well maybe if we knew where exactly to look I would. If you try turning my mind to mush you will find that I am not anything similar to a ghost." Anger was starting to fill my mind. I try to keep it under control.
"Right, you're part Protoss. They weren't much better off." I snarl back and then leap over the river and vanish into the trees. I didn't need to be killing my allies. Not yet anyways.

I shake my head as Jerus leaves. "I can already tell there's going to be contention there between you two. You want to know the best way to deal with him? Don't pry. Clearly he doesn't want people remotely in it."
I hear movement behind me, then wait to ambush anyone stalking upon me...
My face comes into view at eye level with Korozain. "Mind if I help?"
I sigh and try to keep myself from using one of my abilities that was reviled to me.
"What ever..." I resume taking the MG mount off and moving it towards where we were making the raft.
I sigh and resume working. "I'm not trying to make an enemy out of you, Jessica. I'm trying to keep us from killing each other. With everything else here trying to, wouldn't you agree that we don't need to kill each other?"
"No we don't, but if he can't tell the difference between prodding and detecting then you can count me out of the group. I don't need to deal with him and would do better off working alone than with him."
"I thought you were some enemy... Sure."
"Like I said, keep wary of his mind. When he gets back, I'll see if I can talk some sense into him."

I nod and start looking for vines to use. "So, what did you get from your flash back?"
I grumble and resume working on salvaging things from the SUV.
Sighing, I set back to work and finish getting the seats made. Now for the oars. I set to work making them, using the my swords when needed.

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