This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"A figure, sitting across from me. IT was talking, and some of it was blanked out like a corrupted file. It told me about everyone and a bit of myself. What about you?"
02/11/2013 10:39 PMPosted by Korozain
It told me about everyone
Uhhh..... How much of everyone? I mean.... If that's the case..... Couldn't there be problems in the future because of that? For several diabolical plots and whatnot? Just saying.... Time to diabolically "learn about everyone now."

IC: Several bodies came flying at me next, I was jumping out of a Drop Ship.... Plummeting through the sky, along with several others. No parachutes at all... Before impact we released psionic energy through our legs and feet, landing safely and softly. [Two Years Ago]
"Well, I suppose I could get to use on a platform..." I draw my sword and close my eyes, a small violet line goes around the sharp edge of my blade and I swing, the blade and sliced through the tree like the wood meant nothing to it. I then focus more energy into it so the entire blade was violet. I slash towards a tree that wasn't in range, but energy comes off in a curved fashion like the swing and slashes the tree down. I sheathe my sword and use a bit of telekinesis to move the logs over.
"Something about unity and the Blood God. Not a whole lot. Didn't tell me anything about the others."
After setting the machine gun down I walk over to where the raft was being assembled and begin to help in its construction.
No, just kind of its own assessment of everyone based on my past which it didnt tell me.
Last night I did something to my wrist, not sure what, so I'm taking easy for the next few days.
(posting less)
I continue to keep my distance from the rest of the group, keeping near the river. I keep my eye on the river, occasionally seeing something in the water. I keep my ears open and my gun ready, just in case it was needed.
"Hmm. Well lets go get some vines or some durable rope material." I say jumping from the tree and bringin up my pistol.
I finish setting some logs into position and take a step back to examine the raft in progress. It seemed that Ryan was working on oars now while we wait for Korozain and Jerus to return with vines to lash the logs together.

Well now what should I do... I think to myself quietly.
I nod and follow, my own MP in hand as I move through the forest. Spotting some vines a little later, I point them out. "Those should work."
I fight back the urge to ask Jerus telepathically how the search for vines was going. I return to the SUV and start grabbing the supplies that were still usable and move them over to the raft.
I go over to the vines Jerus pointed out. Then a black creature like from earlier staring at me from the trees. Challenging me to take cut the (Actually seemingly un-natural to this type of tree) vines.

I accept the challenge.

"F█ck you." I say as I rip the vine down. The creature jumps away, and I am greeted by 2 black panthers, and 3 men with hunting rifles.

I leap into action, my MP cutting down a panther and a man with a rifle as I close to melee distance. "Mortem Amplecti!"
2 of them fire simultaneous shots at Jerus and the other panther pounces at me, its mouth waiting to bore its fangs into my skin. I catch it with the shaft of Darkstar and I struggle with it for a time before managing to shoot it in the chest multiple times. I use it as a shield while I return fire with my pistol.
I start chopping up the two logs height-wise to place on branches on trees to build platforms.
I finish moving the supplies and begin to try to salvage what ever else I could from the SUV.
I roll under the shots, leaping the last little bit of distance and putting a scythe into the nearest rifle man, rolling and using his body as a shield against the other.

Finishing the oars, I look around and notice that the raft was mostly done. So, cutting down one more tree, I start on a canoe.
I toss the large cat at the man clumsily. He jumps down to dodge, my feign worked.

I had faded after I threw the cat at him, and I am now holding him by the neck, lifting him off of the ground. He tries to shoot me, but I just wedge Darkstar into his shoulder, and rip his arm off. I look deep into his eyes and can't shake the demonic grin that had appeared on my face.

I take my free hand, and jam it in under his ribs, ripping his diaphragm, and breaking some ribs. I rib out his left lung (the other I think I just crushed against his chest) and his heart. In his final seconds, I shove them down his throat, and make him choke on the 2 organs.
I toss the dead body aside, drinking his and the panther's blood. "It would seem that even this forest is dangerous. Ryan had the right idea with the base in the trees."

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