This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"True. But what worries me is that black creature. It seemed sentient, and... Smart."
"We can worry about it if it comes back. For now, let's get these back." I wasn't concerned. One thing I remembered is that intelligent or not, fear was a weakness that could be exploited.
"Alright. I don't like it when something's watching me... That's my job." I was more cautiously pissed than fearful. I grab some vines and start heading back.
Grabbing the rest, I follow, watching for the creature. Korozain was right, although judging from my armament, I wasn't meant to be an assassin.
I could sense Korozain and Jerus returning. "Our friends are returning."
"Hopefully they found something. We aren't going to be able to hold that raft together alone." Finishing carving it out, I start on the oars. This would come in handy for smaller groups.
"I know. Need any help with the canoe?" I ask walking over to Ryan.
I shake my head. "Nah, it should be about done. I'm actually surprised I know so much about this. Must have spent some time in a survival class that I can't remember yet."
"That or you spent some time in the wild on your own." I decide to try to see what other psionic powers I had. I focus on a rock on the edge of the river trying to make it move.
I chuckle. "For some reason, that sounds more like me, though...I can't help but feel it's in my lineage too..."
The rock starts to move around in the air for awhile. "Yeah I think I can sort of relate to that." I comment as I watch the rock fly around.
I nod and finish working on the oars, standing up and stretching. "You know how close those two are?"
"Hmmm?" I stop focusing on the rock and it drops. "Sorry what?"
I chuckle and say, "I said do you know how close they are?"
"I'd say maybe a few hundred yards at the most. Still getting used to being able to get a feel for where people are." I turn and focus back on the rock making it fly quickly around the area.
I nod and set to work on adding some ballast for the canoe. "Right..."
We come from a cliff rising above the river, we see them clearly. I start my way down, vines coiled around my arm. "Okay, so we got attacked then got the vines. "
"Rather pathetic lot too." I stop by the raft and drop the vines, looking at the canoe. He knew a lot of things.
I start looking for a tree which had a good branch formation to put the platforms. I then realized one of the trees I had cut down did. "...Damn it."
I let the rock drop from the air and walk over to the raft and begin working the vines around the logs to hold it all together.

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