This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I finally woke up with a jolt, whatever happened was gone, but I felt dizzy and light. Looking around to see where we were at. "Where are we?"
I look over at Foxy stopping what I was doing for a moment. "The new campsite. You've been out for awhile now, are you alright?"
"Campsite?" I say in a quiet and tired voice as I looked around... We really were at the new campsite. "I'm fine... Just tired."
"Alright just rest for now." I resume my work on the raft.
For some reason I just listen to the woman and lay back down, seeing the leaves and sky above my head. It was a beautiful sight in a strange way when you were doing anything for survival. And I decided to ask a question. "Haven't you ever had that feeling where you just feel like something is dwelling inside your mind and it's really just yourself? And then you reflect upon yourself and wondering why there's two sides of the same coin? And why you can't find who you really are unless you do something incredibly stupid?"
"No I haven't." My voice is neutral and I am still working on finishing the raft.
I sigh at that question... Wonder if this is just my fate... Being plagued by a person that isn't really me... A person without their own voice, their own will. I was born as a cold-blooded killer... But is there any possible way to have my own mind?
I finish my work on the raft and take a step back to examine it. It was crude but it would get us to where we were wanting to go.
I take a seat near the raft to rest for a little while.
poke ... unfortunately I have no idea what to do in here currently ...
Sorry about my absence. Some things came up. IC inc.
Koro, you're terrible about truthful IC incomings.
agreed and just for the hell of it ...

IC: I go about doing whatever is needed of me to get the raft ready or to gather some extra supplies.
Hy! Never said 'soon' or anything.

IC: I go to sit in a tree and think about the dark figure from earlier.

Who was that? Was it a family member? A 'friend'?...
Finishing the last bit on the canoe, I stand up and stretch, looking around. Was a nice little area, needed something else for it though.

I sit in a tree near Korozain, pondering what I'd learned.
Sorry for not posting.

Having made a short patrol around the camp's parameter, I head back to the SUV;
"I see you two made good progress."
I say to Ryan and Jessica, gesturing to the water craft.
Sorry guys. Had a 5 day weekend, activity shall resume as normal.

IC: "What do you think. About death?" I ask to Jerus after a while of thinking.
Korozain, just to let you know, I just now posted the updated character on the discussion thread.

IC: The sounds of the past... Involving the demons of them all. I had been wondering if I was ready to learn about my life... If I even deserve to.
"Death is but a means to an end, but an individual, it's a new beginning, a chance to fix their mistakes in the previous life, but that is a gift the Blood God gives to those he deems worthy." I lean against the tree trunk, letting my mind wander as we worked up the nerve to move on. I did not blame the others for their reluctance to enter those woods. For all their offer of protection, something about them had me on edge.

"Thanks. I seem to have experience with it, as does Jessica. We both agree we probably spent time in the wild before." I munched a piece of jerky, watching the sun move it's path. Sighing, I stand up. "We should move on soon Can't keep burning daylight."
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IC: I nod my head, "That seems reasonable, I do not fully know of any deity I may or may not have worshipped, but, I do feel that Death is not an end, only a new beginning. Weather that beginning is an eternal hell, or a new start. Death is only the end of one chapter, and the start of a new one."

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