This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I nod, continuing my mental wandering, trying to figure out what it was about those woods that set me on edge...
I raised both of my hands, looking at them with deep observation... The scars that were on them, several of them... I don't know who scarred my body more... Them or me. That's when I did something without thinking about it... I reached for my revolver and the barrel was pressed against the palm of my hand. Never hesitating once as I pulled the trigger.

The shot rang out against the noise of the forest/woods. I began to scream in pain as blood was thrown everywhere. WHY DID I DO THAT?! WHY COULDN'T I CONTROL IT?!
I awake and continue on my platform.
"Guess I might..." I comment before I jump up after hearing the gun shot. "What the hell.." I scan the area looking for attackers but see no one aside the group members.
I panicked ever so slightly as I rushed to wrap my hand in something. Then with a nice, slightly annoyed at myself tone, "Can someone please help me..."
"I heard gunfire. I'm going to go check it out." I jump from tree to tree then see Fox holding her hand and a gun in front of her, blood spattered on the redening grass.

"Having fun?" I say, not finding it hard to assess the events of the situation.
Dropping the pistol. I gripped my face with my bloodied hand, the blood showing on my delicate feature. I couldn't even save me from me. "I don't know what went over me... I can't control myself," I say as I sniffled a sob.
(was it same she stabbed or the other hand?)
Same one she stabbed.
"Well, you seem to have something in your hand, must unlock something from it or something. Because this is the second time you've wounded it." I say looking things over from above. I lean to Jerus and ask, "What do you think about this?"
I jump from my spot in the tree. "Generally, this can mean two things; one, that she simply has an obsession with self mutilation, or two, that you are right. Only she'll know the truth about it." I was restraining myself from drinking what laid on the ground. I had not killed her, so I had not earned it.

I arrive just to hear the end of Jerus' sentence and look at Korozain. "What would you be right about?"
Streaks of blood were in both my hair and my face, with the pain becoming a dull sensation against the whistling leaves. The echos of the forest... "I didn't know what overcame me... I didn't know I did it until it happened. Maybe I'm going insane! I don't want to remember who I am, it brings back old pain and it makes me want to kill mutilate my body..." I say, rolling up my sleeves... Showing them all the scars and cuts that littered them, and my hands.
Looking over at Fox, I resist the urge to shake my head in despair;
...great, someone else who's suicidally inclined... why do I make a habit of looking after people like this?...
I think to myself as I head over;
"Do you want me to patch that up?"
I ask, somehow managing to keep an exasperated tone out of my voice.
I didn't nod, but I reached for the pistol and grabbed it with my right. Rising it next to my head as a painful experience came back to me.

I was grown... in a tank... Lovely. Experiments being done to me as my bloodied hand went over my chest and felt a scar from a incision that had been put there. Both happening in real life and the memory. A scientist had a one handed device with a trigger. Placing it next to my head, it was a brain wave scanner. That was when both his finger and my finger were one the trigger... Slowly pulling it back.
Out of age old habit, I leap forward, knocking the gun from her hand, flicking the safety on at the same time;
"Sorry, but nobody suicides on my watch."
I say, gently.
"That isn't a 'Bandie'." I say adding in the freaks roaming around. I decide to call them 'Bandies' or 'Bandits'.
Breaking out of the trance I realized what I had been trying to do. Crying a bit, the tears mixing with the blood streaked onto my face. "I'm a monster... And a threat to myself and others. I'm losing it. I don't think if I can make it!:
"She's going to be more of a problem...." I speak, somewhat out loud as I watch the event take place. I put the shotgun underneath my Rifle, and finding little in ammo for it, I load in, and make due with what I have. I knew that ammunition will be harder to find, but I didn't worry so much over it.
I sigh gently and kneel down next to Fox;
"Why do you say that?"
I ask softly.
I tried to stay calm so I could talk, and my hands were jittering everywhere until I forced them both down with each other. "I'm not human... Not truly in that concept. I didn't come from no womb, but from a tank... Everything that has happened is bringing great sadness and pain to me. But I don't know anything else... Maybe I should just die..."

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