This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"I don't know, all I know is that folks knew not to poke around Shade Gheists head for the reason that we had our own little monsters in our heads that somewhat drive what we do."
"I'll keep that in mind." I draw a scythe and start spinning it, various combat forms and attacks slowly coming to mind. "You know, the longer I use these, the more I seem to remember..."

Coming awake with the rise of the sun, I place my gear in it's spots and start looking around for that deer I'd brought back. Remembering I strung it up, I find it and start skinning it.
"I know what you mean." I bring up Darkstar and look at the etchings and symbols.
Out of curiosity, I focus some of the energy I can feel in my body into the scythe and swing. In the moment of the swing, a larger scythe made of blood energy appears, adding a second, more powerful and reaching strike to my single swing. Three trees fall away from our camp. "Oops..."
I was jolted awake suddenly as soon as the tree had first touched the ground. My bloodied knife gripped in both of my hands as I stared out into the dense forestry. "What the !@#$ happened?"
"I think we just gave everyone a rude awakening... And by 'We', I meant you."
I shrug, spinning the scythe and replacing it on my waist. "They needed to get up anyways. Wonder what Ryan is doing with that deer."
I chuckle, "Who knows. He could be skinning it, cooking it, doing, other, things with it."
I look at the fallen trees. "What would you have down if those things crushed one of us?" I ask.
I wake up, not by the trees, however. I stand up, check to see if anything had been stolen, but nothing was taken yet. I shrug and look around, noting the fallen trees. I frown, and glance back at the camp, deducing that whatever knocked them over came from the camp.
I chuckle, looking at the trees. "Laughed and then gone my own way. I don't have to be in a group." I leap out of the tree, flipping before landing to loose some of the momentum. "However, I knew what way it would fall."

Looking at the trees, I shake my head, beginning to cut the meat into various cuts. Loon.
I shook his head... He was equally crazy. Even I was wondering if he was going to admit it... But his childish ploy was not funny at all. "That wasn't really funny... For all we know it could've been an attack. But no... False alarm. I may be crazy... But that was just stupid of you."
"Didn't do it intentionally. In case you forgot, I have no more memory than you."
Grunting in annoyance as I looked down at all the perrty red writing. "Damn... I was still writing... Even in my sleep? All blood as well..."
I look up from where I was sitting at the man with the scythes and shake my head. I didn't sleep anymore since I got back to camp as I didn't feel the need for it. I step into actual camp area and take a spot next to the fire remaining silent.
I glance over at Jessica and nudge her, having brought the meat over to start cooking some for jerky. "You're a bit quiet and anti social. What's up?"
"What does it matter to you? Besides I don't think I was a very social person before the amnesia anyway."
I shrug, still working on the meat. "I like to know more about who I'm working with. Not to mention anti social is a bad thing to be when you can't remember a thing."
"How exactly would being social with people you don't know help you remember anything?" I reply slightly irritated with him. How would he know what is best for me since everyone here only has one thing in common and that is memory loss. For all we know we are all enemies that are only allies because of the memory loss.
"Don't know. But the more you know about me, and the more I know about you, the more likely we'll be able to tell our stance on each other before the loss of our memory."

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