This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I think everyone hates our guys... Well not hate, just decide to distance themselves from us.
You know, Jerus is blood thirsty, but he's a good guy...
I looked at the blood drinker... His words were true, but I did nothing that was good. "I did nothing that was good."

To the lady I replied with, "They would have broken me down further until I was submissive."

Then to the medic. I felt the tap of the finger, the words of "Surgery" lingering in my mind. Letting go with my hands, I back up from my companionship. afraid of that word and that feeling as I remembered what one of the many things they did to me.
Nah, it's just that Jerec's a little caught up in keeping Fox sane...

I note Fox's change; I thought... man, this universe as some sick people...
"If you don't want to talk about it right now, that's fine... But you'll need to confront it eventually."
I say, offering her a bandage for her hand.
OOC: sorry ... was ... preoccupied ... and not really sure where to go in this for the past few pages ...

IC: I stand to the side and remain quiet while I contemplate what the others were saying and doing.
I didn't want the bandage, I wanted quiet... Even though I could bleed out if I didn't. Never thinking about the outcome now. Leaving my hand outstretched for him as I crumpled to my knees and my side.
With wan smile, I clean up her hand and bandage it;
"Can you stand?"
I ask quietly.
A stiff nod was what he could see from my back. Never moving from place in true essence. Wanting to just have the feeling of quiet and rotting in a hole and dying.
Carefully helping Fox to her feet, I guide her to the SUV;
"Rest, you need it."
I say, opening the passenger side door for her.
I pause in front of the door, carefully taking in something...
He doesn't believe I can do it by myself... Does he?
Walking near the door and then stepping through it. I gave a silent "Thank you."
I nod in silent reply;
"Need anything else?.."
I ask, leaning against the door.
"Yes, I want to be left alone in the mean time..." I say to Jerec.
I nod;
"Completely understandable."
I say, quietly closing the door.

Stepping away from the SUV, I take shuddering deep breath, my armor creaking as I clench my fists.
"Good people ... Do what they think is good even ... if it means ... doing something considered wrong by others to do something that will be deemed as good afterward ..." I say quietly before looking up at Koro and Jerus. "Perhaps ... you two are a bit ... different but overall ... good people." I look away. But then again we are all different in our own way.
I sigh as everyone focuses on Foxy. She seems to have a tendency to mutilate herself which doesn't bode well since her blood would leave a sent trail for anything of any sort that might be hunting us. I could also feel Jerus mind wandering with out even having to reach out and quickly block him out of mine in case he tried his little feedback trick thinking that I was prying into his mind. In the mean time I finish preparing the raft for departure before returning to the SUV to salvage what ever else I could.
I was alone, at last... I never wanted to be truly alone but even a little time away from others had helped me in the past. Maybe I should take Jerec's advice and try to rest some. It might clear my head. My head was slowly resting against the door, my eyes slowly closing.
"In some form of way, we are all good people to someone. But so far for me, I don't have the right to call myself good. But thank you for the words." I say to Oraia, then jump back to my tree.
I shake my head. "Entraya morifad." I return to my tree as well.
Just as a quick question after reading Kroger's post... Couldn't they track the blood from the smell? Like perhaps dogs?

IC: More and more people died in my sleep, the cold feeling that it gave me. Everyone that I killed; grabbing me with their hands. Pulling me under below the earth. With the others just watching in excitement. My heart began to race.
I sense the increase in Foxy's pulse and look at her, gazing worriedly. She needs to calm herself...

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