This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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While being pulled under I felt a metal rod slamming through my chest, breaking ribs and bones. An electrical shock running through my body. Then almost as if in the real life; my body shook with a jolt. It all stopped. Finding myself in a room of mirrors, all of them with me in them. Reaching their hands through the glass and reaching for me as a voice swept through me.

"HeLp Me, HeLp Me!"

I woke up, the grip from the hands still being felt amongst my body. Cold sweat already dripping off my face. I was afraid.
Whirl and curse as Fox calls out in a voice not her own;
...damn psychics!... why does everything have to be so complicated with them!?!?...
Opening the door, I help her upright;
"Are you going to be alright?.."
I ask, visibly concerned.
I seemed to be like a pale white, the color being drawn out from the hidden pain. My voice sounds shaken,
"...I'm all right, I just need some sleep."
I tried to say that in a calm tone of voice, but I failed miserably at it.
"What.. what happened?... If you want to talk about it that is."
I say, gently pressing one hand to fox's forehead, the medical sensors in my suit conducting a full scan of her head...

pulse, temp, brain scan, internal scars, damage, implants, psi index, etc.
The touch felt cold, slowly turning into warmth as I winced at the feeling.
"...I don't know. I think I'm going insane. I can't handle this by myself. It's to much..."

Scan-Dark spots throughout the brain it seems to be.
Scars-Surgical Scars.
I grin faintly and offer her a drink of water;
"You won't have to..."
I pushed the water away. Not thirsty or wanting the liquid.
"I'm not thirsty..."

Get close to him... Kill him... I COMMAND YOU!
The thought going through me was painful as I winced in the pain.
I shrug and put the water bottle away;
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The thought going through me was painful as I winced in the pain.

What was that?..."
I ask carefully.
I never wanted to tell anyone... For I don't know the answer, should I though?
"I don't have an exact answer... Voices of myself are telling me what to do. Some of them more violent than others."
I nod;
"Common enough in psychics that have undergone heavy trauma... It's PTSD for psychics in a rough sense."
The sun starts to set. Whatever safety you have felt, will soon be gone.
I look up at the sun and call to the others. "Let's get this raft and canoe in the water and get moving! We're out of time!" I start setting things on the raft.

Leaping from the tree, I help Ryan. It would indeed be dangerous to be caught here at night.
"I'm a threat to my-..."
In my head my memories were spinning to life again, a recent one, before the crash and near another area... The sounds of fist against face could be heard. And I was the one on top, delivering the pain. I was scared for what happened next. The barrel of a pistol went into the guys mouth and I pulled the trigger, blood exploding everywhere as some got on my face. A satisfied grin on my face.
I say, pushing Jerec back slightly as I backup slowly.
"I must leave before I hurt someone else again..."
I shake my head;
"I doubt that'll happen, there are way too many trained killers in this group for you to get away with something like that. Come on, we need to get moving."
I say, gesturing to the raft.
I don't turn my face towards the raft, I keep it focused on Jerec.
"I'm leaving... If I do snap that means I'll kill someone or I'll die. Either way... No one is safe. I'll get going now."
I chuckle;
"You know what they say; Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If you do snap, I want you around when you do; that way we know."
I say while subtly flashing hand signs I couldn't remember learning to Ryan;
<Fox Unstable. Need help.>
I glance over and nod, slowly drawing my pistol and a tranquilizer round. Loading it into my pistol, I quickly aim and pull the trigger, the round hitting the Jugular vein and injecting the knock out juice.
My hand was at my neck, going numb and then limp. Angered by this sudden moment. Before falling back onto the ground.
I sigh an look over at Ryan as Fox passes out;
"I would have liked you to help try and talk some sense into her, but I guess this works as well..."
I say, pulling the dart from her neck and gently slinging her over my shoulder.
I shrug, holstering the pistol. "We don't have time to talk reason right now. Let's get her on the raft."

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