This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"Hope you are ready for a fist to the face when she gets up, to be honest. Either that, or a knife to the throat." I comment, looking down the sights of my rifle.
"Like she'll know it was me." I finish setting up the machine gun and move to getting supplies on the boat.
I nod;
"We can hope..."
I lay her down on the raft. Thinking for a moment, I open one of my belt pouches, pulling out a tightly rolled silvery package.
"She'll be fine Jerec, let's go."
I nod, thinking for a moment before putting it away;
"Ready to roll."
The voices took over in my sleep.

Kill Help Use No Yes
Kill Help Use No Yes
Kill Help Use No Yes

Those words coursing through my skull as it echoed. When I was asleep I could feel their voices like a snake crushing my lungs from the inside.
Screaming with frustration and pain, the loudest it could have even been heard... In my mind. For the others couldn't hear me. I was all alone with myself.
I hope on to the raft after taking a few parts from the SUV that I could use later in repairing another motor or possible making another. I take a spot near the middle left edge of the raft and watch the bank on the left for anything that might be lurking there.
I jump on, and grab some food for the trip just in case. "What do you think we'll find down stream?"

OOC: sorry I was gone, Internet went out.
I shrug, swiveling on the machine gun to test it's joints. "Less snow for sure."
I had been better off awake, but no! They knocked me out cold and now I'm going to suffer worse because of them... The pain was to much in the beginning... And since I can't wake up until they wear off?

Screams echoing further down my skull, blood trickling from empty eye sockets... Black rot from limbs and fingers.

I woke up... Needles being inserted into my back, down along my spine. A lightish blue liquid being used... I wasn't awake, instead it was them experimenting on me.
I glance over to Foxy as she slept. She seemed to be either in pain or agitated while she slept and I was starting to doubt the usefulness of having her tranquilized.

I return to observing the left bank while planing what to do next after the raft reaches the end of the stream.
I shoulder my rifle, keeping my eye on the right bank. I turn my attention back to the water, wondering what could be in it, then I turn my attention back to the bank.
Something happened and my activity will be lowered. Again...

IC: The calm stream soon starts to get wider, and wider, and abruptly rougher.
I grab oar and start to work on keeping the raft stable. "Someone grab the other oar and get on the right side. We gotta keep the raft stable or it will capsize."
I grab the other oar and help, still watching the stream banks, though it was more like a river at this point. "Stay away from the rapids!"
"Right, looks like I found us something better than a stream." I joke as I keep trying to steer the raft away from the rapids.
I assist the best I can, laughing. "That you did. Long as it doesn't turn into a canyon."

OOC: I know I'm begging for trouble, but that's how I view it.
"It doesn't look like it will from what I can tell from the horizon ahead of us. Maybe we will find a good spot to fortify ourselves and build our little community.
I nod as the river looks to start evening out. "Canyon wouldn't be horrible. We'd have the walls for sure."
While the water was jumping me around in the boat because I couldn't grab a hold of something because of a certain person... I couldn't figure out who did it. I didn't see them do it.

The last needle was inserted... with my face blasting against the sky as I found myself falling out of the sky. My body in a full body jacket... Restricting movement.

As the raft hit one last stretch of rough water... My body flew out since I had nothing to grab onto since I couldn't grab onto anything. Landing in the water.

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