This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I'm calling BS. You wouldn't fly out because of a little bit of rough water. If you flew out, we all would, regardless of our ability to grab something.
I didn't know how rough it was. You didn't specify how rough it is and there is water rough enough to do that. And you can also control your weight at this moment. My person can't.
I've been rafting. Weight control don't mean sh!t....
I'm just saying, it's possible to fly/fall out at rough water. And I know as I fact that it's easier to keep yourself in something if you are actually awake.
I never said how powerful the tranq was. Of course...I don't remember launching the raft either...
But you also wanted her down for the count so you could get to where you needed to go. So in essence... They will want a tranq powerful enough to last that long. But the side effect is that it's bringing more pain and suffering to her. :\

So... Just go with the falling overboard.
I still don't remember launching the raft...
We already got the raft on the water because Kroger told you to get the other oar because we reached rough water and it could capsize.
It was implied that the raft had been launched when Koro DMed the widening of the river and the water getting rougher.
^^ Yep, so if Korozain says we are all on the water... Then we are all on the water. And I'm surprised War hasn't been on.
I hadn't technically come back to it yet, but whatever.

IC: I see the girl go overboard and curse. "Some one get her!"

Jake hadn't even finished his sentence when I went over board, grabbing the girl and riding the current while swimming to catch up. Once I did, I placed her on the raft, then climbed back on. I start tying her down. "Brilliant idea, using a tranquilizer." Jake just shrugged.
"Well strap her down until.." I say rather sharply but didn't finish since the blood drinker had already started to tie her down. I keep the raft on course away from any rapids occasionally muttering something to myself that no one else could quite catch.
My fingers were moving... Slowly they were.

I woke up from the skyfall into another room. I was on a table with restraints, containing me as I then saw that it was a surgical table. Doctors standing over me as they didn't even knock me out. Nor was I given some kind of painkiller. The pain was mine alone as they cut my chest open and my skull. Screaming from the pain.

But in my right hand was an amulet... Memories that were peaceful that were in there. The only possession that I could truly call my own.
"Lets just get through this..." The stream is now about the size and deepness of a river, and calms some. The river starts running through a flatland, and has a few trees and large rocks. Who knows what may hide behind them?
"Stay on guard everyone." I say as I seat the oar down next to me and take a seat. I grab my rifle and watch the left bank for any movement.
I set the oar down and hold my own plasma rifle at the ready, set to laser for a longer range.
As my fingers moved more frantic...

... the scalpel made it's incision in my brain...

...eyes flickering as some water splashed onto my face. Eyes flickering open as I saw that I was tied down... Tied down? Why...

With a cough I looked around. "Why am I tied up..."
I glance over from where I sat. "To keep you from flying off the raft again."
I smile weakly at his decision to help me. "Thank you for that... Now who shot the tranq in my neck?" I asked, wanting to know who it was... I had already went through more pain and suffering because of he or she.
I shrug. "Don't know, I was off chasing a deer for more meat." I glance Jake.

I cough a little as some water splashes me. "No idea, I was loading supplies."

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