This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"Whoever it was... Made me relive moments of my life as my heart raced across a spiked road of misery."
"Sorry to hear it." Of course, the one time I use the tranqs, they have nightmares about their past. Just my luck...
"Thank you... And that's why I'm trying to stay awake because ever since we crashed... Then every time I slept... It's becoming worse on my psych."
"You'll need to face those demons at some point, Foxy. You can't run forever."
"I know I can't run, and I can't hide... But I can delay them until I'm ready. Even you might know about that. I'm not mentally ready for the suffering to swallow me whole as I fight for someone else who I don't know about."
I nod in thanks to Jerus for tying Foxy down, and silently curse for not doing that myself;
The rest of the trip is very smooth, until the water rocks again, followed by murmurs and whispers faintly heard.
I bring my rifle to bear, the visor dropping into position. "You hear that?"

I nod, my pistol sweeping the water. "I do. Remain on your guard."
I scan the water, "Nothin' below." The land is clear too.
"Then where's all the sudden none water noise coming from?" I looked up, not seeing anything and sigh.

I keep my eyes on the water, not trusting of it.
I wanted to forget what happened, but I couldn't... That was when the others asked about the noise. "I'm always hearing noises," I say.
I nod and continue to scan the area on the left looking for the source of the noise.
On the other side, large mutated looking lizards crawl up from the ground.

"What the hell are those?" I say pointing at the rising creatures.
I grab my rifle quickly and look at the bank on the other side. "No idea."
They don't seem to have seen us yet. They do know something is near. "Shhh.... They haven't seen us yet, the dark is on our side this night."
"For now. How long before they do see us?" I vanish in a blood mist, decreasing the odds of me being seen.

I set the rifle to laser and watch them, ready for anything.
I quietly keep my sights on the lizard on the bank. "The dark may be aiding us but it never hurts to be ready."
I just sit in about the center of the raft and wait.
My voice felt quiet against my throat as it left my mouth. "You do realize that they might be able to smell us? And they could see through the dark for all way know." It was a bad situation to leave... Plus I couldn't anyway since I was bound.
"Water erases our scent, even for lizards. As for seeing us...I think they would have by now."

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