This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"I know that their are lizards that sense movement easier than others... Would the raft cause such a disturbance?" I say, pulling harder on the rope binding.
I notice Foxy straining the ropes and motion her to stop as I start undoing her bindings;
"Let's not waste the rope, we're going to need it again, for sure."
I say softly.
"No, things likely drift down the river all the time."
"I think we should stop talking. They can hear pretty good. Now." I say as they sprout webbed ears.
I cease with the talking and aim, a scope popping up from the rifle. I aim at the nearest one and wait.
They get on all fours and start running not at us, but in our direction.
"What do we do?" I whisper. I could take the shot and get three or four before they closed to melee distance.
I hum a small soft tune to myself only audible to anyone right next to me keeping my rifle trained on one of the lizards.
I draw my rifle and lay prone aiming at a lizard.
The 5 stop in a line close to the water. All movement stops, they don't even seem to breathe...
I cease to breath as well, waiting for them to move. One twitch and lights out.
I continue untying Foxy, watching the lizards with my peripheral vision.
One of them roars and they all move at lightning speed in all directions towards us.

"Weapons free." I say calmly then open fire, only scraping one because of its speed.
The laser comes to life, cleaving two of the lizards in half from my angle. "We don't have enough time!"

My machine pistol comes to life, tearing at the lizards.
I yell in Jerec's face, not meaning to but since we are being attacked! "Hurry it up!"
My fingers move with snappy precision as I finish freeing Foxy;
I yell, Whipping out my vibro blade and cleaving off a lizard's head as it bursts from the water.
One lizard split horizontally by a laser regenerates in seconds and charges at us along its 3 others, still at great speeds and indefinite patterns of running.
That's when I noticed as I fumbled around for my weapons... They were left at the campsite when I was knocked out. "I don't have a weapon!"
I curse, and fire again, this time mincing it as best I could. "Regenerate that, ya bastard."

I toss Foxy her pistol. "You think we'd leave them?"
I catch it with open hands, fumbling with it as to reload the pistol. "Maybe! We aren't exactly loaded with them now are we?"

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