This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I scoff at his comment. "Well then what can you tell about me besides that I am a hybrid."
"You seem fairly mechanically inclined judging from all the spare parts floating around in your pockets, you've got a picture of a family that, unsurprisingly, you can't remember. And not only are you mechanically inclined, but you're an inventor. Only real reason all those spare parts are floating around in there."
"And what of this?" I ask as I pull the amulet out of my pocket. "Khaydarin crystal I am sure, well I think that is what it is. Looks like it has been worn before by several people, probably within the family that I don't remember. See I can analyze these things as well it isn't hard to make pieces fit but that doesn't mean that is where they are supposed to be."
"Remember those Protoss tendrils you found in your hair? That'll have something to do with it. You try anything with it since you found it?"
I scowl at the man with the scythe and suddenly I am struck by the presence again. My eyes turn from purple to crimson, and my body gives off a hue of the same colour for close to ten seconds before I fall to the ground, smoke curling off of me. It was just long enough for him to say, My dear, I believe I shall give you something. Something that should help you with remembering, give you a kick start. The something was an image.

The image in my mind was that of a man with short black hair, light blue eyes that were almost teal. This man had a grim look upon his face, and he sat with a sword in hand, one not too different from my own. He was a mid-muscular build and wore a black armor. The man seemed familiar, but I knew I had never met him in person.

I could feel my body burning, and I could feel energy coursing through my body, the same energy that had coursed through when I tensed to fight the men who had found me. But I was physically too weak at the moment. It was like someone had filled me with all the energy I would ever need, but took all my strength.
"Yes I remember those, I haven't tried anything with it since it I wasn't sure what it would do." I take a moment to figure out what it could do. "Maybe it has something that could help with remembering somethings."
SF, you char is a girl, right?
...I couldn't find them on the char sheet.

As she collapses, I barely avoid rolling my eyes;
...psychics... probably won't want help, but I gotta ask...
"You alright?"
I ask, stepping over and offering a helping hand.
"Might contain some memories you put in it. That, however, can only be discovered by you."
"True, guess there is only one way to find out." I start focusing on the crystal with my mind to try to unlock anything that I had stored in there.

A single memory flashes before me as I focus. I was on board a ship that I apparently owned. It was and older design but still in excellent condition for its age. A holographic image of one of the people from the picture was talking to me as I was standing at a workbench on the ship. I couldn't hear what was being said though. I watch as my hand morphs into different things as I work on a project that was sitting on the workbench. I back out of the memory quickly after seeing that my face going slightly paler.

I put the amulet back into my pocket quickly and put my hands in front me looking at them in slight curiosity and horror.
"I take it you discovered something interesting?" Now that the jerky was done, I was leaning back, letting things be. I wasn't too eager to search my head, not yet.
"Yep. My character if female."

I try to answer him, but I was too weak. I tried to say, "My strength was just sapped." But I am afraid I mumbled out some sort of gibberish.
"Rather disturbing as well...." I mutter as I shake my head to clear my thoughts.
"Well, out with it. Hiding it down't help you any."
I sigh and kneel down, helping her into a sitting position;
"Nevermind, you tell me once you get your brain unscrambled... Need something to eat?"
I tried to say "No" but I couldn't. I think of something. I reach my mind out to him. I enter and speak to him, No. I do not. It just appears that all my strength was sapped to me. I am physically weak now.
"I doubt you would believe me even if I told you." I was being rather cautious about who I shared this with. I didn't think many would believe that I could alter my form.
...I... I see. need anything?...
I 'think' back as best I can.
"I've had a few memories flash through my head, and one of them is of meeting a Changeling/Ghost named Zack Tren. Guys older than dirt. So...I think I can handle your new found memory."
I sigh and think back on the memory real quickly and how I might morph myself. After a minute my hands alter into narrow blades both really sharp.

"I guess this is part of what I can do."
"Changeling, though not how Zack did it if memory serves...still, that'll come in handy."

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