This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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No. Nothing. I just need time to rest and recover from this experience. I reply to his directed thoughts.
I shudder slightly;
...sorry, I'm just not very comfortable with people in my head, nothing personal...
I 'think' back. Standing up, I nod and return to the fire.
Wrong thread Nuke. There's a PRP for a reason.

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My hands reform quickly before I turn to face Ryan. "Well I don't think I have any relation to him." I pull out the photo graph again and look at the picture. The two people at the top center of the photo seems to be the head of the family. The woman was taller than the man, who just happened to be mostly bald and looked more alien than human.

"The man with the grey eyes look familiar. I think he was in my memory that was stored in the crystal..."
I look at it and shrug. "I don't recognize him." I stand up, stretching and look around. "Should probably take down camp..."
I sigh and stuff the amulet and the picture back into my pocket and stand up. "Probably right, any idea where we are heading to next?"
"If we can, out of the snow area. We've been lucky with game so far, but we'll need to find somewhere less snowy for a more reliable food source."
"Funny that you mention eating. I think due to the protoss genetics I have I lack the necessity to eat. I can search ahead for anything that isn't taiga if that would help?"
"You're still Terran, so food will eventually be needed. However, a scouting trip is needed. Look for some area similar to this, minus all the snow."
"Possible but I won't know for awhile I think. I'll be back shortly." I leave the camp heading out of the woods looking for a less snowy area where food would be more abundant for the sake of the others.
Howling is heard, from all the sides of the camp. It sounds far, but is still extremely loud. It sounds as if it was emitted from a wolf, raptor, elephant hybrid.
I stop mid stride as I hear the howling. I was about thirty minutes away from the camp now and on my own. I knew it was going to be risky scouting ahead like this but it had to be done. I resume my sprint heading towards what sounded like a stream my blades in hand in case of attack. It would be beneficial to have water supply near by as well as using it for transportation depending on which way it is flowing.
Hearing the howling, I draw my plasma rifle and start walking the edge of camp. That...was not healthy sounding. I remain attentive, watching carefully for something, anything, moving in the woods.

I hear the howling and turn towards the nearest one, grinning in anticipation. "Finally, something worthy of my time."
I draw my sword again and stand up. That doesn't sound good at all. "We should leave sooner than later."
"We'll wait for Jessica to come back. She'll have info on the next place to set up camp." I lean against a tree and look things over, then sigh. "We don't even know if they're coming this way."
I arrive at the stream examining the area. I reach my mind out to the members of the party. I found a stream leading away towards another wooded area about forty minutes away. We can use the stream for faster travel if as well as a supply for water. Local game shouldn't be to far from the stream either. I will be returning shortly. I grab a few stones to make a marker to find this area better.
Instinctively, I send a light amount of feedback to the voice's owner, giving them a light head ache. Word of advice, stay out of my head. Shaking my head, I finish disassembling a tent and put it on my back.

I notice Jerus packing up and look at Oraia. "What's his deal?"

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