This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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The feedback sent back didn't phase me at all. "Prick..." I mutter to myself as I start back towards the campsite.
I look at Jerus for a moment. "I don't know and given how everyone seems to have psionic defenses I'm not about to try and pry that way. I don't even really want to know honestly." I sigh, walk over to Ryan and stretch my mind out searching for what ever had made those sounds earlier.
"Eh, fair enough. Still....that didn't sound friendly."
I keep my quick pace covering the distance between the new location I found and the original camp faster than when I had left. I arrive in about half the time that it took for me to find another camp site.

OOC: Nuke my char is Female.
I drop in behind Jessica's tail, my MP to the back of his head. "You really shouldn't try and be sneaky. Tends to get people killed with us."
"In our camp. However, you're going to need to prove you aren't one of the crazies we've run into since waking up." I then chuckle, vanishing in a red mist and reappearing behind him. "And your height is unimpressive."
I stop and turn at the sound of voices catching the last part of what the man said. "Yeah its probably three feet down at least. Have fun digging it up." Sarcasm is heavy in my voice. I wasn't really wanting to deal with this person and figured Jerus would stop him if he caused any trouble so I turn and walk back into the camp.

Once in camp I look for Ryan to relay my entire findings of the area I just found.
"They've tried to kill us on sight, and the fact that you were carrying a knife while tailing my friend isn't helping your case."

I spot Jessica and wave her over. "Well, what you find?"
"We're not concerned. I'll let Korozain appraise you." I beckon towards the camp.
"I found a running stream near another woods. It appears the stream runs deeper into the woods and is deep enough for a small raft. There were game trails around the edge of the woods so there is food supply there. The ground felt soft with as though there is a mild thaw starting in that area which might be possible. I have a strange feeling though that the woods might be the source of where the howling came from though...."
"And your a fool if you think that your simple knife would incapacitate me. The howls were from all around the area but the creatures that own them might be holing up in those woods or could be stalking us like prey." I snap back at the man.
IC: "Interesting we should move from here sooner than later.
I sigh, running our options through my head. "I have an idea, but it'll take some work. And require lots of time." I then look at the new comer. "Get it yourself, or enjoy the afterlife."

I poke him in the back with one of my scythes. "You'd never get far enough to make a move."
I shake my head and turn to Jessica. "Don't. He is an @ss that needs to learn manners and respect."

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